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Cheap Men's Teenager Fragnance

Cheap Men's Teenager Fragnance 2 years ago
I would love to buy a new fragrance, but I am new to the fragrance world.
Would be great if the fragnance is also not expensive (under 30$ maybe). For men.

Any suggestions? Smile
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2 years ago
Build your virtual collection in your profile so we can help you better! Smile

Here are some cheap thrills that are, in fact, thrilling:
• Avon "Far Away Infinity"
• Jessica Simpson "Fancy" and "Fancy Love (Eau de Parfum)"
• Kyse Perfumes "Douceur Brulee" (Small bottles run about $23 and ships internationally, I think.)
• Britney Spears "Believe"
• Yves Rocher "Monoï Vague d'Été"
• Kim Kardashian "Kim Kardashian"
• Paris Hilton "Fairy Dust" ("Juicy Couture (Eau de Parfum)” clone)
2 years ago
Thanks for all the suggestions. Iam sorry i didnt mention that i am looking mens fragrances. Thank you anyway.
2 years ago
Ok, I don´t know, where are you from (and what is available in place where you live), nor what kind of scents do you like, but maybe I can advise to you look for old traditional brands like Molinard, Galimard, Fragonard, or 4711 or natural cosmetics stores like L'Erbolario, Yves Rocher, even The Body Shop...all of them have wider variety of scents for good prices with usually better quality than drugstore brands.
2 years ago
I'm so sorry about that. I should've asked that first. I clarified your search in your topic's title. I hope that's okay.

I'd still check out Yves Rocher, Avon (assuming you have access to Avon scents), indie brands and various celebrity scents. Kyse Perfumes are unisex and delightfully unique so I still stand by them. Be sure to check out Olympic Orchids too. I think they ship internationally but double check that. They have loads of wonderful woody scents, if that's your thing.
2 years ago
Hi, I agree that it depends on where you are and what type of fragrances you're looking for.

Generally speaking, I've seen Dsquared² and Zara's fragrances being mentioned a lot.
For instance, "Vibrant Leather (Eau de Toilette)" - apparently discontinued, but on the perfume page, similar fragrances incl. Zara's are mentioned.
Another from Zara - "From Paris to New York".

Then, Yves Rocher as already mentioned - "Nature - Bois de Cèdre et Citron Vert", for example.
For fragrances in this vein, I'd also take a look at the brands Jeanne Arthes and especially Jeanne en Provence.
Both belong to one company based in Grasse and have nice fragrances for a little price tag.
They should be found at e.g. Karstadt or Kaufhof, if you're in Germany.

Should you prefer sweeter fragrances, Boss, Versace... come to mind, but you might have tried them already (at Douglas or else)
2 years ago
Montblanc Individuel is great for teenagers in my opinion.
2 years ago
I think you should check:

Legend Spirit - Montblanc (similar to Invictus line)
Lacoste Blanc 12.12
Nautica Voyage
Tommy - Tommy Hilfiger
CK One
CK One Shock (for winter time)
360 Red - Perry Ellis (similar to Acqua di Gio')

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