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Luxury My Story

Luxury My Story 2 years ago
Luxury My Story dla kobiet gdzie kupie ? I jakie ma on nuty zapachowe ?
2 years ago
Hello Manieczka,

I don't speak Polish, so hopefully, you will understand my response in English.
"Luxury - My Story", produced by La Rive, seems to have been offered by Lidl around 2017.

So, I would look on Lidl's website, in their shops, ask them via social media if this perfume is still available.

Another possibility would be to ask La Rive whether My Story is still produced and can be bought anywhere else, and if the same fragrance is offered under another name.
You could enquire about its fragrance notes, too.
You can also check on Parfumo's page what other users have voted as similar perfumes.

As a last resort, I would search the internet for vendors/private offers.
Wishing you good luck!
Luxury My Story 2 years ago
Hello . I have been looking for this product Luxury my story la Rive everywhere and I can't find it anywhere. Maybe it is produced in a different package or a different name. The parfumo website says that it is still in production.
2 years ago
Hi, I understand now, thank you for your reply.

Parfumo's entry was from 3,5 years ago. So, the production status may not be up to date.
Since La Rive sometimes rebrand the same fragrance, I agree with you that this could be the case with this perfume.
The probably shortest way to find out would be to ask La Rive directly.
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