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Bentley for Men Intense doesn't perform - Weird Batch Code ?
Bentley for Men Intense doesn't perform - Weird Batch Code ? 4 months ago
Hello everyone,

After watching and reading a lot of reviews I blind bought a bottle of Bentley for Men intense. One og the reasons was the supposedly strong nuclear performance.

But when I got it yesterday and sprayed it on myself I wasn't impressed with the performance at all. At first I thought I was noseblind, but when my girlfriend came home she didn't smell anything unless she put her nose in my neck...

I tried to check the batch code on CheckFresh and that's when things got confusing... According to CheckFresh the batch codes of Bentley (and Lalique in general) are either 4 or 7 digits. Mine has 9 digits (105181A20) and isn't recognized. Could this be a fake? Or is it some kind of new batch code where the "20" at the end stands for 2020 and it's a new reformulation?

Does anyone have experience with this?
4 months ago
Hi, I'm just the same. I also expected performance and silage, and nothing.

I also have a 9-digit batch code. Here it finds me, and it says August 2020. I have a code ......... H20. So A - January, B - February, .........

But I'm upset, longevity and silage are very mild. Mad
3 months ago
Mine says January 2020, indeed..

I'm afraid it's reformulated then Sad

I've used up a few ml and am letting it sit for a couple of weeks. This has in the past improved the performance of my 2019 batch Mancera Cedrat Boise.

These reformulations are getting on my nerves. What's the point of wearing fragrances that aren't perceivable by anyone?
3 months ago
I wrote to Bentley and confirmed that my batch code was fine. Probably reworded.

But new reviews in the Czech Republic, they say it's great, and long-lasting, etc. I do not understand.
3 months ago
Maybe those reviews are based on the previous formulation?

A common mistake I see among reviewers and Youtubers is that they don't mention batch numbers/formulations. Last week I saw a video about "20 beast mode performance fragrances", but at least half of them I knew were reformulated and not beast mode anymore.
2 months ago

Hi, so it got better in a month. Longevity and projection are good. It's not a beast, but it's ok.
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