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Your favorites from the 1940's 10 years ago
if you have a time Machine and travels back in the 1940's
what kind of perfumes whould you suggest?
the 40's where WWII was raging
film noir was popular austere fashion glamour movie stars
what perfumes whould you suggest.
10 years ago
"soir de paris"

"chanel no 5"

" shocking"

"je reviens"
9 years ago
Well, I would definitely not go for the 1940s, but maybe "Jicky" and "Pour un Homme de Caron" are suitable options.

EDIT: If it would have been still in production, I definitely would have tried to get my hands on some original AdP.
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9 years ago
If I had lived in 1949, I would have enthusiastically welcomed "Acqua di Selva"!
9 years ago
I would have loved the original Isabey Fleur Nocturne - Blue de Chine and these: Vol De nuit, Habanita, and a Rose fragrance...
9 years ago
I'd be in the Résistance, kicking ass. Bandit, of course. Cool
9 years ago
Shalimar and Mitsouko. Both are timeless but nevertheless have that nostalgic vibe.

Another one I could very much imagine in the 40s is "Azuree" by Estee Lauder. That´s a to-die-for chypre and it buzzes with vitality.

"It don´t mean a thing if it ain´t got that swing..." Smile Doo wup doo wup doo wup doo wup.
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