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Help with Wedding day perfume

Help with Wedding day perfume 1 year ago

Hi all, I’ve just stumbled across this site whilst hunting for samples to try for my upcoming wedding. The wedding is 24th October and I’m really struggling to find the one. I’ve sampled Delina (beautiful but too much rose for me) and many others but none are right. I’d like to try Armani prive rouge malachite and kilian rolling in love. My usuals are Alien, girl of now, flowerbomb, Twilly, Tom Ford noir pour femme, TF black orchid, hypnotic poison but none are right for the day. I would love some suggestions please. All I know is I want something that makes me feel amazing, confident, beautiful and kinda sensuous, my husband to be enjoys all the scents I like so I know picking a new one I love is safe. Please help 🙏😊xx

1 year ago

Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! Have you tried Nuit de cellophaneNuit de cellophane? It's a beautiful jasmine.

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