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Best indie House.

Best indie House. 1 year ago

What are peoples favorite choice when it comes to indie houses ?
i am into smoky, incense, leather, spicy fragrances, a bit sweet is good But nothing gourmand, i like scents like

Jovoy private label,

Puredistance M, Black.
Nasomatto Black afgano

just to name a few. What could you suggest me to look into?

Thanks, and best Regards. Smile

1 year ago

You should perhaps try "Mahodara" by Parfums Karmic Hues. Its smoky in a very different way.

Kyse Perfumes & Ganache Parfums 1 year ago

I'm in love with Kyse Perfumes and Ganache Parfums, both out of Northern California. If gourmands appeal to you, these houses are a great source. The prices are reasonable and the scents are unforgettable. If anything, Sucré et Fleurs / Sucre et FleursSucré et Fleurs was my signature several years ago. I was hooked!

2 months ago

I like ST Barth Pour Homme

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