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Mysterious Perfume

Mysterious Perfume 1 year ago

Hello everybody and pleased to meet u all 😊,

I have lost my mother a year ago and ordering her things in our family house I found an unopen and perfectly kept bottle of perfume called MON AMI by Nicky Chini.

I tried a search for info and value in web but haven't found anything regarding this perfume... can somebody help me telling more about it? Could it have a value?

I can send photos if necessary...

Thank u in advance for your kind replies


1 year ago

I just looked up Nicky Chini, a hair products company. I wonder if the perfume was either a hair perfume or a limited edition. You could reach out to the company and include pictures.

My condolences to you and your family. I recently lost my mother and I'll need to sort through her things in the near future. My sympathy is with you.

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