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Purely oranges

Purely oranges 12 months ago

I'm looking for a deodorant / Perfume either is good, that smells purely of oranges. Non of that musky shit, just orange.

12 months ago

I had one, Mandarin Jasmine #994Mandarin Jasmine #994 that was pure oranges... and jasmine. However, it's not musky but rather a straightforward oranges/jasmine scent. But you have to like jasmine. Right now, Aqua Allegoria Nerolia BiancaAqua Allegoria Nerolia Bianca is satisfying that "pure oranges" craving for me. I don't detect musk but it is the entire orange tree in a bottle.

12 months ago 1

Ty, I appreciate it. Yeah, pure orange is kinda hard to find.

12 months ago 1

Try Orange Sanguine by Atelier Cologne! Extremely orange to my nose!

12 months ago 2

Oranges and Lemons say The Bells of St. Clements is a great by Heeley is also a good option or there was this one Orangea from Profumum Roma if i'm not mistakenūüôā

4 months ago 1

Orange SanguineOrange Sanguine - very juicy sweet orange, has some white musk in it

Bigarade ConcentréeBigarade Concentrée - Best pure orange imo. Very expensive though.

Terre d'Herm√®s Eau Tr√®s Fra√ģcheTerre d'Herm√®s Eau Tr√®s Fra√ģche - smells like Bigarade Concentr√©eBigarade Concentr√©e with a tiny bit of Terre d'Herm√®s (Eau de Toilette)Terre d'Herm√®s Eau de Toilette in it. So not as pure but still very orange and much more affordable

Concentré d'Orange VerteConcentré d'Orange Verte - pure orange with a green vibe

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