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Experiences with D&G The One EDP? 5 months ago


Beginning of this summer I bought great fragrance (according to reviews) The One EDP by Dolce&Gabbana from legitimate shop (not from gray market). I have tried testers before and I really loved this scent - warm and addictive.

I opened the box 2 days ago and when I sprayed it on my hand, I felt the opening quite bitter and sour, almost like vinegar. After about 15 minutes, it's going sweeter and starts to remind me The One EDP I smelled before. I checked the batch code and according to this, it should not be expired (batch code 92700M, 2019 release).

I would like to ask if anyone has similar experience with this fragrance?

Opinion 3 months ago

I think the one that you have is expired or maybe it was exposed to an environment that changes its chemical composition.

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