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Big Jasmine, Where Art Thou?

Big Jasmine, Where Art Thou? 4 years ago
So, girls, we seem to agree that Jasmin Noir is very pretty but lacks oomph. That begs the question which jasmine-centred fragrances do not.

I love Jasmin et Cigarette! It's a beautiful janus-faced woody jasmine that won my heart right away.

The two Lutens renditions of the flower are both wonderful and I am sorely tempted by either one. Both, À La Nuit and Sarrasins, showcase a rich and carnal jasmine. While À La Nuit plays up the flower's green-tinged, high-pitched sparkle with a heady indole, Sarrasins takes an almost austere night route via the stables, where it garners a leathery, slightly animalic and somewhat sweetened facet.

On the other hand, Nasomatto's Nuda, with its sonorous, baroque or rather turgid take on jasmine, did not enchant me. And Alien, to me, presents itself with a shrill, overly stylised jasmine I find artificial and, frankly, quite off-putting.

Jasmin Rouge, I believe, I've yet to try.

What are your favourite, full-blown jasmine scents?
And boys, you are very welcome to chime in. Smile

I do not feel like writing verses;
but as I light my perfume burner with myrrh and jasmine incense,
they suddenly burgeon from my heart, like flowers in a garden.

~ Hafez ~
4 years ago
Nice topic, Mia. Smile

I've noticed that sometimes people shy away from jasmine soliflores because of the presence of indoles. "Jasmin Full" is one to try if you happen to dislike the skanky aspect of the note. Almost antiseptically clean, and brightened by orange blossom and honeysuckle.

Of all the jasmines I've tried, the Amouage attar was probably my favorite, but I never got around to buying it before it was discontinued. Sad Can't even remember enough about it in order to describe it coherently other than it was glorious.

I do love "Songes" by Annick Goutal, which I think of as Gauguin jasmine, complete with bananas and a tropical feel.
4 years ago
Thanks, Cryptic! And fabulous suggestions! Smile

The brightened, almost antiseptically clean character of Jasmin Full I can imagine and does pique my interest - will definitely check it out. I wonder who the nose employed for it might have been.

Real shame those Amouage attars are yet another fragrant jewel of the past. *sigh*

Songes is indeed stunningly beautiful! Apt analogy, your Gauguin jasmine. I've been on the brink of adding it to my collection ever since encountering it. Maybe it's time I had .. Is the current version still as wonderful as it used to be?

I forgot to mention Jasmin Kâma but can't remember why I didn't swoon over it. Perhaps I should revisit it.
1 year ago

I know I’m a bit late to the conversation but I’m hoping some people might still be on here.

I tried a dupe (Dossier) of Jasmine Rouge and it is BEAUTIFUL. I definitely want to buy the real deal when I get a chance. Has anyone tried Elie Saab - Le Parfum? I heard it’s a Jasmine powerhouse. I recently tried the new KKW - Jasmine Air and I don’t like it at all. It’s very bland to me. There was nothing special about it that jumped out and grabbed me. Chanel - Gabrielle Essence is one I recently purchased and it’s gorgeous.

6 months ago 1

Well this topic sure deserves a revival. I’m a huge huge fan of white florals, and jasmin in particular. From delicate green to obnoxiously loud. As long as jasmin is the star player, I love it.

A few of my favorites:

Jasmin et CigaretteJasmin et Cigarette is simply brilliant. Indolic and somewhat on the animalic side.

Lust / Lady Flower (Perfume)Lust Perfume this one is a lot of fun, a party in itself. Indolic not animalic. Big and incredibly loud

JasminJasmin dark brown and masculine. Heavy on spice and musk

Jasmin (2020)Jasmin (2020) somber and serious jasmin topped up with cumin

Joy (Eau de Parfum)Joy Eau de Parfum jasmin on civet. One of my alltime favorites, modern version is more lily of the valley than jasmin, though

Jasmine OD / Bubblegum ChicJasmine OD focuses on the sweet and fruity aspects, with a tacky bubblegum impression at first

Hoping to get my hands on soon:

À la nuitÀ la nuit


love to hear all your suggestions, guys

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