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Banana Note in Dolce & Gabbana Sicily

Banana Note in Dolce & Gabbana Sicily 1 year ago

I have heard more than a few people comment on how "unusual" is a banana note in a perfume. Is it? I have seen some very odd notes in some perfumes, e.g. some of Lutens's perfumes have a "metallic" note.

I own the original Sicily, and I cannot say I smell a ripe banana in the perfume, so maybe what is listed as banana is really a banana flower note? Such a note would seem apropos to a fragrance in this tropical type genre, no?

By the way, Sicily has been reissued as "Velvet Sicily." I have not smelt the reissue, but a few reviewers say it smells the same, so for anyone who missed out on the original, I am happy to tell you its back! 😃

9 months ago

Indeed, I can’t think of any perfume that actually has a banana note listed. A quick scan in Parfumo’s database doesn’t return any familiar perfumes either.

However, i do get a banana-like impression in Jasmine OD / Bubblegum ChicJasmine OD and I read reviews of Songes (Eau de Toilette)Songes Eau de Toilette mentioning a banana touch. I’m wondering if that is a facet of the jasmin-sambac, which may also be present in Sicily?

9 months ago

I cannot detect true "banana" the D&G, but it may be possible that the listed note is abbreviated from the Banana Shrub? I am unfamiliar with the Banana Shrub myself, but its flowers are supposed to have a scent much like bananas, hence the name.

https://gardeningsolutions.ifa...,continue%20sporadically%20throughout%20the%20 summer.

Ylang ylang reads as banana? 9 months ago

Off topic (sort of) but I have a few ylang ylang perfumes and they smell banana-ish to my nose. Fleurs des CaraïbesFleurs des Caraïbes is a banana-like tropical scent, akin to banana flavored Now and Later chews. I wonder if that's what's giving Songes (Eau de Toilette)Songes Eau de Toilette its banana impression?

9 months ago

I am unfamiliar with either of those perfumes, but that might have something to do with it. The D&G definitely says "banana," though.

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