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FAKE OR NOT? Versace crystal noir

FAKE OR NOT? Versace crystal noir 10 months ago

Bought from NOTINO. They state their perfumes are original...

Didn't open it. The box is very suspicious. Never seen the box in black and gold.

Batch code 2129909 on checkfresh says it's 9 years old, but on checkcosmetic says it's months old.

QR code leads to nowhere.

10 months ago


I have no experience in buying this particular perfume. The batch code may be an indication something is wrong, but then again the checkfresh database isn't perfect either.

I used to consider Notino a reliable source. But nowadays I've come across a number of posts with odd looking bottles or boxes, asking whether they are fakes. Because Notino is a 'gray market seller', there simply is no 100% guarantee of authenticity.

Have you tried contacting Versace customer care?

10 months ago

Thank you for the reply. It's an original, I emailed versace costumer service.

Apparently, it is their brand new box for edp. I am in awe that I cannot find a pic of that perfume box anywhere on the internet. Not even on the versace site.

Also the batch code on the bottom should be checked with versace, not checkfresh or similar sites.

Sometimes it takes several days to figure something out.

So, notino is, I guess reliable.

Helpful! 10 months ago 1

I was going crazy trying to figure if my box was original or not, I was alarmed by the box too, and didn't want to open it before I made sure.

I got mine from amazon, sold and fulfilled by amazon, and normally I trust them. But this weird box, that I couldn't find except on a turkish and an italian website made me doubt it big time.

Thank you for the feedback.

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