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Replacement for Creed Aventus

Replacement for Creed Aventus 6 months ago

Hi All,

A happy new year to everyone and hope all had a wonderful Christmas.

Anyway y’all, I would like to get some advice/suggestions on relaxing Creed Aventus as my perfume of choice. It’s my everyday perfume that I use day or evening in any setting and it never fails me. However, my last bottle of the old batches have all been depleted and the newer batches are no good in terms of longevity and projection of sillage/throw.

I was thinking of replacing Creed Aventus with Louis Vuitton Noveau Monde or Ombré Nomade.

I would love to hear everyone’s opinions about those two or if there’s any other recommendations as well.

6 months ago

I'm still working on my flacon of Aventus from 2011. I understand that the subsequent releases have varied in scent, projection and longevity.

You might try Mazzolari - Nero. I received a sample of this a while ago and the frist thing that came to mind was Aventus. Lucky Scent carries Mazzolari, so you can get yourself a sample.

6 months ago

If you want something similar to Aventus I think Montblanc's explorer is really a good choice for an everyday scent! Plus it's cheap and that can be an important factor for a fragrance you use everyday. If you need the performance Cedrat Boise is a really great signature scent!

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