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Hoilday Scent

Hoilday Scent 10 years ago
What will you be wearing for the holidays?

On the 25th I will be wearing Black Cashmere, Donna Karen.

New Year's Eve... Don't know.

New Year's Day... may be Shalimar.
10 years ago
I usually don't pick until the day of or an hour before leaving the house. For Christmas, I think I will wear Burberry Brit Red. For New Year's Eve, it's a toss-up between Miss Dior Cherie, Victoria's Secret Vanilla Cashmere, or Loukhoum eau Poudree.
10 years ago
My favorite fragrance for around christmas is: "Orange Spice"
10 years ago

Me too but I think I'm rinsing my bottle of Nina Ricci Spicy Delight so think I'm going with that this year!

Great choice Smile
10 years ago
Ummmmmmm, smelling good my Parfumo friends.
10 years ago
It will be a toss up between these:

Dior Addict
Fendi Theorema
Guess Original

All are sweet and spicy and mix well with the food and tree aromas.
10 years ago
Christmas Eve & Day
Comme des Garcons Series 3 Incense: Avignon
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