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Nilhilistic Perfumes

Nilhilistic Perfumes 11 years ago
what Perfumes gives you a Since of Nihilism in you?
or notes. like cynical blaised jaded E.T.C. or you want to
bring out the dark side of you because everyone has one sometimes
11 years ago
How about those vat-produced juices which assault my central nervous system. They seem to contain nerve toxins!!!!

Evil or Very Mad
10 years ago
Anything produced after 2010. Nihilistic, greedy and spiralling down.
10 years ago
well, there aren't any perfumes I can think of that make me feel bent on destruction of the world around me, or anything even close to that, but there are a few that I think might push me over the brink of insanity if I were already teetering:

Gres Cabotine feels a bit like punishment

Paco Rabanne Eau de Calandre (I used to love this stuff, but these days this much aldehyde just makes me angry) Mad

Dior Poison more punishment
10 years ago

Yes I know this is the freakish bete noire of modern perfumery.

I don't know about nihilistic leanings, however, if someone actually sprayed a good lot of this around my closed apartment and I went in and happened to smell it, it would definitely disturb me greatly.

I would literally think that someone had killed and mutilated one of my pets. Then I would wonder if the killer was around. Shocked
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