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Coffee fragrance recommendations

Coffee fragrance recommendations 3 months ago
Since my collection is lacking in this department, since I only have Intense Cafe (Montale), Black Opium (YSL) and Good Girl (CH) I'm looking for more of them. They can either lean feminine or unisex I don't mind I'm just looking to expand my collection.
3 months ago 1

I suggest Awake by Akro or Follow by Kerozene. For a subtle coffee note, I also enjoy Cafe Cabanel by Teo Cabanel.

3 months ago 1

Noir ExquisNoir Exquis is my ultimate coffee in my collection.

3 months ago 1

Workaholic by Fugazzi - more a feminine touch with flowers and cofFee

Meo Fusciuni 2 months ago 2

Best I've tried so far is Little Song by Meo Fusciuni.

Intense Cafe - Montale 1 month ago

It is though a feminine leaning Perfume

Coffee 23 hours ago

Maybe try Fidelis from Histoires de Parfums?

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