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Discontinued fragrances you wish you could bring back

Discontinued fragrances you wish you could bring back 3 months ago 1
If you could bring back any discontinued fragrance from any house what would they be?

Here are some that I'd bring back:

Reveal Calvin Klein
Miss Dior Cherie
Midnight Poison
Dior Addict 2
Flowerbomb Extreme
La Vie Est Belle L'eau de toilette Florale
Gucci Guilty Black
3 months ago 2

I wish I could bring back two Guerlain perfumes: Quand Vient la Pluie and Paris-Tokyo 🥰

2 months ago 1

Oh gosh, how about half my collection!? I think half my collection is discontinued.

Shalimar Parfum InitialShalimar Parfum Initial, ParureParure, Organza Indécence (1999) (Eau de Parfum)Organza Indécence (1999) Eau de Parfum, Stella (Eau de Parfum)Stella Eau de Parfum, LorettaLoretta, Sahara NoirSahara Noir, Marc Jacobs (Eau de Parfum)Marc Jacobs Eau de Parfum, Secrets d'Essences - Rose OudSecrets d'Essences - Rose Oud, FantasiaFantasia, et cetera...

2 months ago 2

Antidote (Eau de Toilette)Antidote Eau de Toilette is missed a lot

2 months ago 2
"L'Ange Noir | Givenchy", is my curret favourite and I'd really like it back in production
"Jasmin Noir | Bvlgari" was my first long wanted perfume, I got myself after wishing it for years
Discontinued Wishlist 2 months ago 2

Here are the ones that got away (from me):

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Intense - Didn't try it until after I got the original TL, which is great, but...not "intense" enough.

Gucci Envy - Got rid of half a bottle several years ago and regret it every time I think about it.

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