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Comments on perfumes: compliments and insults

9 years ago
In the last 10 years or so I have had 4 scent compliments, for:
Lolita Lempicka L
Chanel Coromandel
Vintage Givenchy III
Mona di Orio Les nombres d'or.

The reaction in all four cases was "omg, you smell sooooo nice !!!", and what was special every time was that I had applied a very, very small dose of the fragrance.

I'm probably over applying most days. Hmmmm...
9 years ago
Woop woop, I have gotten another spontaneous perfume compliment, this time on "Alien" Smile
8 years ago
I always hear in forums about people getting compliments from random strangers and such. Personally, this rarely ever happens in my own experience. I rarely get any comments regarding my perfumes, let alone compliments. To my bf, they all "smell like powder". And my mom just thinks I have too much. I guess I'm just not a very social person. Or maybe my perfumes just don't smell that good.
8 years ago
I got a compliment on Mary Kay's "Belara Midnight"
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