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Fugliest Bottles

5 years ago
What a shame. The central part (is it a smokestack?) would've looked fine on its own. Somebody got carried away and now it looks like a cross between a child's toy and a salt shaker.
4 years ago
4 years ago
Oh, I love the black box. Very Happy
4 years ago
The box is fine. It's the blatant rip-off of JPG Classique that made me roll my eyes, Cincy. Wink
4 years ago
I was rather reminded of a mix of the souvenir miniatures and the "Âme Toscane" (btw, they recently changed the bottle). Someone seems to have had a...let's call it a 'Milo' complex (especially mentioning some pedestals and museums) and aimed at a similar effect. Must say, they left off not only the arms, but also the head for some reason (and maybe for good).
Who's going to have a bottle like the 3rd picture next? Banderas? Beckham? Trump? (At any rate, headless - goes without saying)
eta: I found another idea for the next male celebrity bottle design in the same vein (4th pic).
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4 years ago
I remarked on the proposal of Body, " Well I do like the black box."

It is hard to believe that a woman would buy this. However she must have thought so.

Anessa pleaseeeeeeee Trump. OK I'll be good. Nuff said.
4 years ago
" I found another idea for the next male celebrity bottle design in the same vein (4th pic)."

Don't give Kanye any ideas.
4 years ago
Cincy, I do think it was covertly meant to target the group that would apparently see some kind of sense in it, but it was presented as 'naive art'.
And since it's got a rather modest headpiece, one of my 'favourites' might do instead.

Cryptic, why, the name's already given, as the male counterpart, "Body Kounyros" or something like...
Then, we might all look like that.
4 years ago
Now, this is actually adorable for the teen demographic. Well done, KK.

On topic, it's always nice when the ombre skull bottle comes with a complimentary scrunchie on its chimney.

4 years ago
Nice association, Cryptic Surprised I actually prefer that blushing skull with the fancy scrunchie, no matter if I'll out myself as being tasteless.
I seldom find a bottle 'ugly', even if it's not my cup of tea, but feel averse to those low-budget dupe bottles which look like they have been made by someone who hates their work, or end up as a caricature of the original.

This one has a piece of thin polyester just pulled over the sprayer top, the hems not worked on, not even made into a ribbon as one might expect from the picture.
3 years ago

That's Azzaro Duo, btw.

I think it's a pretty good design ... as a butt plug.
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