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Trying Harder

9 years ago
Well, I wear "big" perfumes to walk the dog, as does Mr Triffid. The dog sniffs the telegraph poles and we humans sniff our perfume cloud (also keeps our noses distracted from the contents of the loaded doggy doo bag we're carrying).
We're a toxic couple in enclosed spaces but add a stiff breeze and a street-length personal space and we're good to go!
My Tea Rose has arrived so I might try layering it with the Aromatics Elixir tonight. I suspect it will end up smelling like JHAG Vengeance Extreme.

Oh Triffid, you are gorgeous, I love the mental picture of Mr and Mrs Triffid dispatching fragrant goodwill to all men, (nankind) even if they're on the moon, what beautiful clear skies you must enjoy, sillage all the way to the space station. You go, girl!
9 years ago
I wear big perfumes to play with the dogs! I too find a real ring of similarity in LHB and Mitsouko and adore both, with a tiny edge to Mitsouko.

As for layering scents, I am planted in the how could you dare camp. I feel like it is an insult to the 'nose' and a good way to waste perfectly good perfume!
9 years ago
I do find it entertaining that Setge Lutens, Jo Malone and Jean Claude Ellena advocate the layering of their fragrances and that JCE provided layering advice for readers of Elle magazine. I certainly haven't tried any of my own except the Yardley Iris which happened by accident when I forgot what I was wearing. It's all grist for the perfume mill.
8 years ago
I wouldn't say it a matter of trying harder, maybe its more a case of try later. Our tastes can change out of the blue and something you once found a challenge can become second skin, for no particular reason at all.

Of course, sometimes its just not meant to be, but the most important thing I've learned in my perfume journey is to never say never. Just when you think you know what you like, you can surprise yourself. A rough edge will smooth away, a certain note that once repelled will be the only thing you want, a new association will overtake an old one etc
8 years ago
I believe there are just some perfumes that are not made for me, no matter what the season, no matter what I do to try them, no matter what I do with layering. I have certain bottles of perfume that are relegated to the back burner that I sniff every so often because I love the scent until I put them on. Then I want to wash them off.
Chanel No. 5 is one of them. Mitsouko, which the world adores, sits lonely on my bureau. Why do some of the greats not agree with me. They just don't. But yet, I love their scents. They just don't really do it for me upon application. Aromatics Elixir is another. At least I know I've tried many a time, and I go on to others. There are far too many in our world to adore than to worry about a few that don't agree with me when I actually apply them. I can open the bottles and sniff any time. And then go on to a perfume that adores me and I adore it. Life is too short to wrestle with a perfume.

Have you tried spraying on a scarf or your clothing? It's a way to enjoy it more than sniffing the bottle without your tricky skin mussing it up Smile
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