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Whose Oud is missing?

9 years ago
Recently I picked up "Les Notes de Lanvin - Oud & Rose" locally. I have absolutely no idea what "oud" is supposed to smell like, other than what I have read, nor have I ever owned an perfume with oud as a note listed.
I have been hesitant to purchase any, since there are varying opinions, costs, etc., and not knowing if I would like it. But when I saw this one sitting on the shelf at (dare I say it?) my local Marshall's for a ridiculous price I bought it.
What I get from it is a sense of being in a garage, an oil feel, as if I'm standing next to a mechanic who's been working all day under cars.
I feel as if I should wear this hanging out with my biker friends. It's not overpowering, it's well-blended.
Since this the posters here seem to significantly know of "oud" scents, has anyone else smelled this particular one? And is this what "oud" smells like?

Well, Lanvin has clearly fallen from grace, and now they've jumped on the "oud bandwagon", too! However, I must say that your description of the mystery note matches my limited experience with true oud. I find it rather unpleasant.

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