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Help with choosing perfume for my boyfriend

Help with choosing perfume for my boyfriend 8 years ago
I would need some help to buy a christmas gift to my boyfriend
He is 50+ years old
I know he likes "Dior Homme Intense (2011)" and some other (I don't remember)
I don't like it so much, beacuse it smells "old" or something...
I thought about:

"Gucci by Gucci Sport pour Homme"
"Light Blue pour Homme"
And some cheaper ones

What do you think, do you have any ideas?
8 years ago
A very distinguished "fine cologne" is
8 years ago
Why does DHI smell 'old' to you?

Some suggestions:

If he likes iris and you like fresh scents:
- "Dior Homme Sport (2012)" I think the ginger makes it special
- "Eau d'Ikar" (test before buy, yellowish fresh iris scent)
- "Allure Homme Édition Blanche"
(Powdery but very pleasant lemon pie. Do you think it would suit him?)

Warm winter scents:
- "L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Eau Extrème"
Many guys like this, but plenty of women don't.(bit more expensive than average)
- "L'Homme Idéal" (not the most original but very very nice smelling!)
- "Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme (2012)". Not bad, many people like it.
- "Patchouly Noir - Osmo / Patchouli Noir - Osmo" - 66% loud patchouli, 33% amber.Only for people who like patchouli, but rather good

Fresh scents:
- "Chrome": a citrus/metallic and clean smelling scent for all ages
- "Frosted": cheap, very fresh, quite good performance
- "Roadster": Mint. I think Cartier scents are simple yet good quality.

- "Eau des Baux": strange original mix of warm vanilla and fresh cypress.
- Chopard "Noble Vetiver"
- Chopard "Noble Cedar"
The chopards seem to be quite good quality for a friendly price but I've never tested them
- "Platinum Égoïste" : it smells a bit arrogant and professional, but a very good scent

Expensive options:
- "Dior Homme Parfum": some DHI and quite a lot of leather and booze
- "Geranium pour Monsieur": like Platinum Égoïste, but on steroids and lots of mint
- "AM by Hans Ubbink (2014)": DH sport with less iris and ginger but plenty of nuance
8 years ago
Mr Triffid is 50+ and, apart from ouds and vetiver-based scents (both possibly an acquired taste) he also wears:
"Heritage" by Guerlain (current EDT, not too expensive nor too dated, I get a beautiful sandalwood rendition in the base - more than the patchouli listed in the Parfumo notes)
"Rive Gauche pour Homme" by YSL (older version in the black and silver can, haven't tried the newer La Collection version)
"Gucci pour Homme II" (my son also wears this, versatile)
"Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme (2012)"
The above are all readily available (getting hard to find the YSL) and very affordable at online discounters.
I'm not familiar with the Gucci you mention. "Light Blue" is a safe and popular aquatic but it's very, very common now - everyone wears it which may or may not bother you or your boyfriend.
8 years ago
Annick Goutal"s Sables could be a winner. Habit Rouge is the male equivalent of Shalimar, so much so that when my husband wears it I give up and wear Eau de Shalimar, because it is impossible to compete. Sleuth has provided some that I would have mentioned and Mauboussin M Generation is very nice indeed.
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