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Perfume for girlfriend - a teenage girl. Help!!!

Perfume for girlfriend - a teenage girl. Help!!! 8 years ago
Hi everyone,

My girlfriend is 16, and I want to get her perfume for Christsmas.I know she likes VINCE CAMUTO - Fiore, Disney - Tink, Gucci - Eau de Parfume 2, Victoria Secret - Noir Summer, Marc Jacobs - Daisy Dream, Prada - Candy Florale, Lolita Lempicka - L'eau en Blanc, Jimmy Choo - Flash. I only know these buy looking on her . I'm totally a nube to the perfume world so I don't know what type are the ones I've mensionned, wheather they are sweet, strong etc.

Just wanna know what type should I be looking for. I was thinking of looking for the equivalent in Channel or Dior, but I guess I'l wait for some advice. Thanks in advance
8 years ago
"Miss Dior Eau de Parfum (2012)" by DIOR

"No. 5 Eau Premiere" by CHANEL
8 years ago
1. I looked up the perfumes and most of them are: floral, or fruity, or both. (with floral I mean clean smelling flowers that are also a bit sweet)

2. Sales assistants... They think it will be easy to sell something to a guy. But keep your cash in your pocket! First test a few perfumes on a paper strip. Give it time. The best ones you could test on your wrist, if you don't give a damn.

3. I've only smelled "Flash", a bit. For a floral perfume it's quite outgoing, i.e. not timid. I think that's positive. You be the judge.

good luck!
8 years ago
"Knot" is a new Bottega Veneta release that comes in their usual classy, heavyweight style of flacon that would present really well as a gift.
To my nose, it is mostly an orange blossom fragrance that is fresh, rather than soapy, and has decent longevity. The citrus gives a crispness to the opening that almost lends an aquatic feel. This is not as off-putting as it sounds - this style might work well for your girl if she likes Daisy and some of the others on your list. I think it's a cut above Jimmy Choo and the like.
Another to consider might be "Jour d'Hermes Absolu" or the original one. The former doesn't garner enthusiastic reviews on Parfumo but I think it's quite lovely, compatible with your girl's taste, very long lasting and comes in a gorgeous flacon also.
8 years ago
Love Chloe is very nice, readily available around the traps to try before you buy. The Armani 'Si' has been well received and is marketed for Xmas/ Cheers my dears
8 years ago
"Stella" by Tocca- light, fresh, but alluring. Available at and also many other boutiques/shops
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