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Where to buy Opium Pour Homme?

Where to buy Opium Pour Homme? 8 years ago
Other than eBay, where can I buy Opium Pour Homme EdP?
I live in the States.
8 years ago
I've never tried this store but they have it:

Or try:
7 years ago
Tar (in another topic):
How much does Opium pour Homme EDP and EDT differ? I had a chance to sniff only the EDT, and am very curious about EDP Smile

EDP: The strong star anise and pepper give me a real headache. But the base notes are wonderful. It's a true member of the Opium family.

EDT: I'm able to tolerate the spices here, but the base is also softer and less exotic.
7 years ago
Oh, pepper is always something that smells on me like smoke, and I do not like smoke. But star anise... one of my favorites. I still want to test it! Thank you for helping out with your expertise Smile
7 years ago
You can also try Etsy. I have had really good success there. It's become my go to place for vintages especially.
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