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Which were your personal favorites this last year?

Which were your personal favorites this last year? 7 years ago
The year 2014 is over. Lists abound which scents were popular, that is which were most often sold.

But which were your own personal favorites, either that you bought them new or that you wore them most often from your collection?

I will start:

"Tonka Imperiale" by Guerlain - a tonka scent with a sleek edge, good for every day

"Traversee du Bosphore" by L'Artisan Parfumeur - a trip to candy land

"La Route d'Emeraude (2012)" by Isabey - jasmin in its finest, lush and beautiful

"Grain de Soleil" by Fragonard - cozy comfort at reasonable price

"Shem-el-Nessim" by Grossmith - old fashioned vibe

"Jean-Louis Scherrer" by Jean-Louis Scherrer - cool aloof elegance


Just for the pleasure of reading a blog author elaborate on this topic, let me include this link to Kafka's blog. This woman writes! I love to read her evaluations although they are subjective - as is any perfume commenting. ew-30-personal-favorites/
7 years ago
"Fiore d'Ambra" by Profumum Roma - the liquid warm sunshine

"Casamorati 1888" by Xerjoff - sweet, strong cloud, I got compliments while wearing it

"Safwa" by Al Haramain - patchouli x amber

"Nepal Aoud" by Montale - fast killing oud, I wore it only once in public, now put it on only at the beginning of the weekend (and it lasts till Monday even with taking shower repeatedly)

Gold by Al Haramain - spices and rudeness

"Humboldt" by Fueguia 1833 - fresh and strong, unforgottable.

Etcetera? Yes, tons of beauties should be written here Very Happy Oh my Dears, please forgive me to not writing about all of you!!!
7 years ago
I only bought old fragrances (I love this one), but ...

My favourites from 2014 are:
- "Dior Homme Parfum" for men (though unisex really)
- "La Panthère" for women

The honourable mention award I give to "G I R L by Pharrell Williams"
(though fragrance geeks like us might get more satisfaction from "Ombre Indigo")

Flop of 2014:
"Black Opium"
BOOO!! Evil or Very Mad . Wink
7 years ago
How much does Opium pour Homme EDP and EDT differ? I had a chance to sniff only the EDT, and am very curious about EDP Smile

Mentioning Ombre Indigo made me glad!
7 years ago
Hi Tar. Since Opium p.Homme is a different topic, I've replied here: 222
7 years ago
Thank you Shocked
That will be interesting!
7 years ago
Well guys, what were your favourites in 2014 ? (i.e. you bought them or wore them most)

Or what do you think are the best releases from 2014?
7 years ago
Parfumo Assistant says that my top three in the last year were "Grand Cuir", "Interlude Man" and "Léonard pour Homme" / Dunhill "Blend 30" ( a tie). Nothing FBW among the latest releases for me so far (I tried only a few, admittedly). Maybe I should give DH Parfum a try, haven't smelled it yet, the leather in the base sounds intriguing.
7 years ago
Some interesting scents, Epimedes. Is Léonard p.H. similar to Van Cleef & Arpels p.H, or rather different? Blend 30 seems like quite a bitter one, at least when I look at the notes....
7 years ago
To be honest I seem to get past the curiosity for more new perfumes, and most perfumes I enjoyed last year are the ones I also enjoyed in 2013 and before. Of course, "Chamade Homme", my signature sent.

One outstanding 2014 perfume deserves to be mentioned: Montale who started the oud hype years ago with so strong and opulent fragrances like Black Aoud made a U turn with their 2014 releases. I particularly liked Aoud Melody as an example of how a Montale style oud can also do a good job in a rather discreet perfume.

Then, we had a new launch from Divine called Spirituelle, a feminine rose fragrance. A new Divine perfume is always a welcome sight, I really apreciate their work!

So far for new releases. Among the perfumes I have been wearing with special pleasure were some Fougères: the wonderful Clive Christian "1872 for Men", an early Geza Schön fragrance. Then I also enjoyed "1445" by Castle Forbes.

Among the chypres I have finally come to terms with Guerlains "Derby". It took me a few years to like it but now I do. I also went back to Hermès' "Equipage" which is a very spicy approach to chypre.

There was one particular gents' cologne by Micallef which I occasionally used: "Royal Vintage". You have to be in a special mood for it. It is very musky, animalic, leathery and presumably lets you look mean the whole day Smile

Let me also mention a perfume that I would have liked to wear in 2014 but couldn't get it: "L'Or du Verger pour Homme" by Anne-Marie Grallet rsp. Maison de la Mirabeille.

Maison de la Mirabeille is a family run business in the Lorraine region in France. They are farmers who specialize in mirabelle plum. Besides jams and eau de vies they have their own cosmetic and perfume line Anne-Marie Grallet.

From the shape of the bottle I very much assume that Micallef is the producer behind it. Micallef are quite busy selling little batches of "Private Line" perfumes to small businesses. The private line perfumes I have got to know are all good. Besides that, an official Micallef perfume has been the only fragrance so far where I found the scent of ripe mirabelle plums: Aoud Gourmet!

However, they only sell within France. Maybe I make it to their place in 2015?
7 years ago
Some interesting scents, Epimedes. Is Léonard p.H. similar to Van Cleef & Arpels p.H, or rather different? Blend 30 seems like quite a bitter one, at least when I look at the notes....

I never thought about it before, but Blend 30 does carry some resemblance to aromatic bitters. Sleuth, that was a good hunch! I have an old mini of vintage VCA pH but somehow I never reach for it, so I decided to give it a wear today. So... it's pleasant enough for an old-school, but I found it too formulaic, not exciting in any way; longevity was also subpar. Léonard PH is long-lived on my skin, by comparison, though not loud. Some might say it's powerhouse, leather etc but it's not. There is a significant piney-resinous presence there, which gives it an interesting, almost oily feel that I find pretty unique. Also some good frankincense, so thoroughly folded in, it's hard to detect, but it's there. My final verdict: these two are different enough - and for the time being, VCA pH goes to the back of the shelf again.

So, looking at the posts above, it doesn't seem like there was a whole lot of excitement over 2014 releases?
7 years ago
The 2014's I bought were:

Cuir Cuba Intense by Parfums de Nicolaï (2014)

Cuiron (2014) by Helmut Lang (2014)

Sådanne by Slumberhouse

Hard to pick a favorite. Probably Cuir Cuba.
Top Ten... 7 years ago
At mps if you are curious, has a sample collection for men or women... grances-of-2014-for-women

But, I think they may be top ten ordered from them.
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