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Which Caron Pour un Homme

Which Caron Pour un Homme 7 years ago
I was looking at buying this finally. So many great reviews here for it I thought, why not?

I see two bottle and package types. One is more of a green color band on the box with a silver lid on the bottle. The other is more of a Khaki stripe on the box with a black lid.

Which should I get? Is one generally preferred over the other? I am assuming they are different formulations.
7 years ago
Do you mean this here? lesime_2014

As far as we know, it is only a special edition to celebrate the 80st birthday, no reformulation. But who knows?
7 years ago
7 years ago
Okay, I see.

I would buy a bottle of "Pour un Homme de Caron" in a good perfume store or from a popular online perfume shop.

I'd rather not buy "Pour un Homme" from an unknown seller named BEANIEGRAM2000 on ebay:

- much too cheap with only 21.99 $
- name on the bottle not complete
- either a fake or age-old stuff
7 years ago
LOL, I just grabbed those two as examples for the pictures. I didn't look at the details. Thank you for pointing out all the things that raised concern though.

What I gather is that you are saying the newest formulation in stores right now is good and that's what I should go for. I much appreciate your advice. Thanks!
7 years ago
Briarthorn, I hope Pour un Homme de Caron hasn't been reformulated much. It is not my favorite perfume and I have not cared much if they have changed the formula. If you have found reports about that somewhere - that might be a different story.

Otherwise, the newest should be the best.
Just some thoughts about Caron's Pour un Homme 7 years ago
Pour un Homme de Caron is a real classic gents' cologne.

Launched in 1938, it seems to have become a role model for gents' and unisex lavender colognes. The main idea behind it is the combination of lavender with vanilla.

While lavender could be described as herbal and fougère-style, vanilla is smooth, broad and oriental. IMHO, Caron's Pour und Homme should be regarded as a semi-oriental.

For some reason, this combination must be very tempting for perfumers. From budget to niche - it is hard to find lavender perfumes without Caron's vanilla touch.

Opposites attract - but in case of lavender vs. vanilla I have a different opnion. I think those two notes are too far apart, and I don't feel at home with that accord.

There are supposedly at least two reasons for this combination. First, of course, it has proved commercially successful. And second, lavender itself seems to be a rather fleeting note that calls for a fixing agent. I suppose vanilla can provide just that.

So, I have been looking for Pour und Homme alternatives without vanilla, and I would like to point out two:

"Utopian" by social creatures: A very discreet lavender perfume. Also semi-oriental but with tonka and cognac instead of vanilla. Great and undeservedly unknown niche lavender.

"Oxford & Cambridge" by Czech & Speake. Dry, herbal and smoky. They abandoned the idea that lavender needs something to soften it. Gorgeous!

Besides that, it is always good to have a simple lavender water at home that is just that. I prefer unperfumed washing powder and fabric softener, and sprinkle a dash of lavender water on the fresh laundry.
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