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New Perfume Company

New Perfume Company 7 years ago

I have just added a proposal for a new perfume company (Besame Cosmetics Inc).

I have only added one of their perfumes as a proposal and thought the others could be added if the company was added to the database.

Is this the right way to do it or should I add all of their perfumes as proposals?

7 years ago
Dorothy, it is easier for the team if you add all perfumes of the respective brand that are still missing.

One proposal for each fragrance is needed.
7 years ago
This is totally fine, Dorothy.

Of course you can proceed right away with more proposals.
(Waiting for the brand to be added makes it easier insofar as we might save one edit step if the rest of the protocol is filled out correctly with the data available. However it should not prevent you from adding anything right away.)

I will take a quick look and add the brand to the list, so you can proceed.
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