Foren-Übersicht Fragrance Market Place Important notes for trading in this forum
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Franfan20Franfan20 Important notes for trading in this forum 11.07.2016, 22:42
Selling or trading is only allowed for private use in the forum "Buy, Sell & Swap". Offering perfume testers is not allowed.

Offers of bottles and bottlings must include a specific price and a precise indication of the remaining content level. It should also be indicated if the original packaging is available.

Our moderators are permitted to remove individual offers that violate our rules.

Any trading in the Forum is at your own risk. Trade only with users that you trust.

We ask for a short notice in the corresponding thread, if an offer is no longer active. It is closed then and still available for future reference.
Please do not simply rename the thread title after completion of trading and / or delete the text (as in "SOLD" or "DONE). The original text for the offer should be visible still.

It is not allowed to "push/bump" threads, unless there is a concrete price reduction.

Furthermore, 1 offer per scent only please. It is not allowed to apply the same perfumes in multiple threads. This is also considered illegal pushing. Stay fair and let all users have the same chances to sell their offerings.

The threads must be linked with the appropriate perfume. If the offer houses several perfumes, please link the first fragrance that is mentioned.

It is explicitly allowed to each user of Parfumo to make private deals in the forum. This is done completely
irrespective of the scope of other activities on the side.

We hope you enjoy the Souk!

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Foren-Übersicht Fragrance Market Place Important notes for trading in this forum

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