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Proposal links not working

Proposal links not working 5 years ago
Just posted a proposal with no problems. Discussion link and source link is not working for me. Therefore my proposal hasn't any sources. Also tried to use discussion on Gabrielle, doesn't work. ( to remind everyone we have this in rejection awaiting launch.)

German site works fine. Thanks OPomone.
5 years ago
I think the page is under construction a.t.m. Seems a lot is not working. I could not log in on the English version but could at the German version. But can't approach my English account. Offline a lot was not visible, also the lay-out of the home-page has changed.
5 years ago
We're making some changes .. if the page doesn't work please try to refresh .. give us a day or so and everything should be fine again Wink
5 years ago
Hey Cincy, is this working now for you?
No Add proposal button 5 years ago
Hi, I read the sticky about How to add a proposal but I can't find the Add button. The sticky is outdated but I searched the whole site, can't find it. Can you help me?
Thanks in advance.
5 years ago
Add proposal 5 years ago
5 years ago
Discussion link and source link is not working for me again. Crying or Very sad

I used the German proposal and it works fine. Very Happy
5 years ago
Sorry, we just completed an update .. should be all back to normal now Smile
5 years ago
Thanks Don.
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