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DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 04.06.2017, 21:17
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ScentFanScentFan 05.06.2017, 05:32
Thanks, Don.

DonVanVliet wrote:
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ScentFanScentFan 09.06.2017, 21:50
Samples came so here's another quick one.

Louis Vuitton, you may have entranced me yesterday, but today it's Maria McElroy's artisanal perfume aroma M.


This beauty is what made me order the aroma M complete sample pack. It's a feast of florals riding on a restrained and haunting Frankincense.

Geisha Blanche

Spectacular rendering of Hyacinth, Jasmine, Lychee and Ylang ylang. Hyacinth is a fabulous counterpoint for the other notes, bringing out the best of them all. This is equally fresh, fruity and luxurious. Something makes my nose twitch a little, but since I'm still breathing I don't care.

Geisha Vanilla Hinoki

An agreeable composition, but one I wouldn't return to. It's beautiful, but doesn't quite rise above the ordinary and has something that makes my nose twitch. Perhaps the clove.

Geisha Violet

Um, no. For me the chocolate doesn't work with the florals since there's nothing else to provide balance and create depth.

Geisha Hana-Cha

An interesting solo rendering of Bergamot and Jasmine, allowing these legendary notes to shine rather than blend into an orchestra.

Geisha Rouge

A quite beautiful spicy perfume--clove, cinnamon and star anise turned gorgeous by sandalwood, tobacco and vanilla. If you like spice, this is a great one.

Geisha Noire

Yummm. Sandalwood, amber and vanilla. Appealing depth.

Geisha Nobara-Cha

Simplicity itself in an earthy rose, possibly the centifolia.

Geisha O-Cha

Not much smell coming up from this green tea and clary sage concoction with orange, rosewood and vanilla. I think the latter three swamp the first two, to the glory of none.

Geisha Blue

I wouldn't have thought green leaves and green tea could smell so good. Must be the Jasmine, with honey and chamomile. This is a mildly hypnotic, delightful scent.

Geisha Green

A very lovely and definite absinth supported by amber, mandarin, black currant, tonka and violet.

Geisha Marron

A lovely citrus-floral.

Geisha Pink

It smells like a fabulous citrus wafting up the nose; turns out to be orange, sugared plum and vanilla. The plum begins to resemble mothballs as it dries.

Voluptuous Nostalgia

I really like this one. It has my favorite animalic, ambergris,, intoxicating florals, tonka and amber.
Having smelled them all, I realize there is something else in several, an aldehyde perhaps. In general these are restrained and elegant perfumes. Must haves for me: Camellia, Geisha Blanche, Blue, and Green.

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