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DorothyGraceDorothyGrace Note List 10.02.2018, 11:44
How do I find out where an original note list came from.

E.g. Rubj by Vero Profumo has a note list which is in accordance with how I smell the scent. Another site has a substantially different list which is quite out of step with what I smell.

Where did the Rubj Extrait perfume note list come from. It isn't listed on the Vero Profumo site.

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MiaTrostMiaTrost 11.02.2018, 09:42
Have a look into the Research history, Dorothy. I love the transparency it provides to us. Smile
Rubj extrait, for example:

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Franfan20Franfan20 11.02.2018, 15:24
In addition, in this specific case, Vero Kern gave us the notes herself.

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