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OaksOaks Misterious Perfume, some help please? 27.11.2019, 15:26
Hello guys!

I have a description of a perfume's botttle of my mother. I really would like to find it and give it to her for christmas.

So, I know It's going to be difficult but I have to try, here we go:

1. The bottle is yellow and cilindric with the base a bit bigger (like a cone, kind of)
2. She also says is opaque, is yellow but not for the color of the perfume but the bottle itself
3. The bottle cap had a yellow shappire (a fake one of course) in the top, in vertical (this is very rare, but I can't find anything like that).
4. She remerbers the bottle from when she was little, so the perfume has to be from the 70's or earlier
5. Another clue, the perfume was brought from Brazil to Spain (I don't know if this is usefull, but just in case...)
6. It wasn't a handmade one or something like that, my mum says it was a very expensive perfume for the epoque

And I don't have more information...

If you could help, it will be awesome

Thank you!

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OaksOaks 28.11.2019, 00:09
I already know which one is!

" Avon - Topaze, Cologne "

Thank you anyway!

Merry chirstmas to you all!

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AnessaAnessa 29.11.2019, 00:00
Hi Oaks, welcome to Parfumo!

Glad to hear you've found Topaze (Eau de Cologne)Topaze (Eau de Cologne), the fragrance you sought for your mother.
It's apparently been discontinued but hopefully you will find it in the internet.

A wonderful Christmas season to you, too!

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