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NoldukralNoldukral fragrance for office 21.03.2020, 12:13
hello everyone,
can you share the perfumes you use while working in the office?

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Exciter76Exciter76 21.03.2020, 19:44
I like clean musks and understated florals like these for office/close quarters settings:

♥ Sarah Jessica Parker LovelyLovely
♥ Thierry Mugler Mugler CologneMugler Cologne
♥ Elizabeth Arden SplendorSplendor
♥ Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue (Eau de Parfum)5th Avenue (Eau de Parfum)
♥ Auric Blends Love (Perfume Oil)Love (Perfume Oil)
♥ TerraNova China MuskChina Musk
♥ Victoria's Secret BreathlessBreathless
♥ Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Lilia BellaAqua Allegoria Lilia Bella
♥ Coqui-Coqui Flor de Naranjo / Orange BlossomFlor de Naranjo / Orange Blossom
♥ Alfred Sung Sung (Eau de Toilette)Sung (Eau de Toilette)

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SkeoughSkeough 13.04.2020, 03:30
Big fan of Prada L'home for an office setting, definitely my go to/dumb reach for it. Silver Mountain Water and Terre D'Hermes i've found have worked well too.

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TaberneroTabernero 19.04.2020, 21:24
Hi. I generally use these fragrances.

I think the key is something that is clean smelling and not very invasive.

I also usually have an applicator to strengthen the fragrance at afternoon.

-Prada Lhomme
-Versace pour Homme
-D&G Light blue Intense
-Montblanc Starwalker
-YSL Homme

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SejanoSejano 05.08.2020, 10:16

Usually I use this fragrances.

Spring / Summer:

YSL L'homme
YSL L'Homme Ultime
Prada L'Homme EDT and L'Eau
Terre D'Hermes Parfum
Pour un Homme de Caron
K By Dolcce Gabbana
Gucci Pour Homme II
Voyage d'Hermes EDP
MontBlanc Individuel
Chanel Allure Edition Blanche

Fall / Winter

Boss Bottled Intense EDP
The One for Men EDP
Saint Hilaire Ambre Chic
Varvatos Vintage
Ferrari Leather Essence
Armaf Craze
Baldessarini Ultimate
Jaipur Homme EDP
Moschino Toy Boy
Valentino Uomo
TF Grey Vetiver
Mauboussin Aequalis
Gentleman Givenchy EDP

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AlbertooLAlbertooL 05.10.2020, 19:48
prada infusion d´homme

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DieNaseDieNase 07.10.2020, 19:03
I wear almost everything from my collection to the office. Otherwise I wouldn't wear most of my scents at all. I normally have only one scent of the day and don't switch scents after work, that' why.
Well, I wouldn't wear leather our to work.

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Übersicht Perfume Consulting fragrance for office

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