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Dan81Dan81 Scents for Cigarette Smokers 27.05.2020, 13:17
I am a 39 years old cigarette smoker who enjoys surfing in summer and cooking in winter. I am looking for a perfect tobacco scent that please my nose, blends with my cigarette smell (Lucky Strike regular or Marlboro special blend 72 red) and doesn't offend my wife.

My favorites so far: Parfums de Marly Herod, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille (but too strong for my wife), Versace The Dreamer, Giogio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo, Chanel Egoiste.

ScentedSalon's Scents for Smokers was a thread created in December of 2014. It mentions a story that
Tabac Blond was created for ladies to cover up the smell of cigarettes at a time when smoking was not considered proper for women
I also hear that 80s powerhouse scents could couple well when smoking used to be more prevalent.

Is there any cigarette smoker here who use specifically tobacco-themed perfumes to cover up the smell of cigarettes? My recent disappointments (not the scent itself but how it combines on my skin with my cigarette cloud) were Dior Homme (2020), Uomo Intense and Amouage Jubilation XXV.

Another question is, is there any cigarette smoker here who uses specific notes in the perfumes to complement the smell of cigarettes?
I do think the incensy smell can complement with cigarettes. An example would be Acqua Di Gio Profumo.
I explored this idea after I purchased GOEST Perfumes' Smokers' perfumes. It is like a mist of incense that doesn't elevate my spirit and my wife didn't care for the combined effect either. I also did not care for Tom Ford Tobacco Oud; it was too incensy. However, I do think Profumo complements my cigarettes well. So, is there any particular scent that complements the cigarette smell well? I look forward to sharing our scent journey.

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SlnieckoSlniecko 27.05.2020, 14:14
Well, as far as I know, first fragrance developed for (lady) smokers was Habanita by Molinard. It was developed from scent firstly made with intent to perfume tobacco itself, because it was in fashion in that time.
Maybe it will be interesting to find out, if there were also special fragrances to perfume tobacco for gentlemen, and research that houses.

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Dan81Dan81 Thanks! 27.05.2020, 18:43
Hi SInieko,
Thank you for your reply! Yes, it will indeed be most interesting to find out if there were also special fragrances to perfume tobacco for gentlemen and research that house.
I originally thought what brand other than Davidoff that makes their own cigarettes and also the creator of Cool water (albeit there is a theory that the original recipe was tweaked from Creed’s GIT). I do think Davidoff’s Zino is a masterpiece that complements cigarette smoke but the composition feels too dated for me; I can only imagine it being appropriate for a cigar lounge. Alternative is to layer fragrances but I feel layering is difficult with more old-schooled&structurally complex masterpiece like Zino. But perhaps I can search Davidoff more deeply. Thanks again for your comments!

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Exciter76Exciter76 27.05.2020, 22:48
Quick disclaimer: I'm not a smoker not do i condone smoking. That said, we're all adults. Disclaimer over.

CherguiChergui is mindblowing. It smells of unlit clove cigarettes to me, which I've always found intoxicating, and more. Some people get hay but i don't, or if i do, it comes across as an indefinable warmth.

ETA: i completely forgot about Drakkar Noir (Eau de Toilette)Drakkar Noir (Eau de Toilette). I had a teacher in elementary school who'd don this after his smoke breaks. DN smells almost incomplete without cigarette smoke.

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AnessaAnessa 28.05.2020, 16:17
I did a bit of searching among the suggestions made by members so far and found the following as "tobacco fragrances". Perhaps there is one that could tickle your interest:
(in no particular order)

- RyderRyder
- Tabacco d'AutoreTabacco d'Autore
- Tabac AureaTabac Aurea
- TabaccaTabacca
- Tonka ImpérialeTonka Impériale
- Feuilles de TabacFeuilles de Tabac
- JekeJeke
- Tabac TabouTabac Tabou
- Havana (Eau de Toilette)Havana (Eau de Toilette)
- Enigma pour Homme / Creation-E pour Homme (Parfum)Enigma pour Homme / Creation-E pour Homme (Parfum)
- Fumerie turqueFumerie turque (might be to sweet)

Those that could harmonise well:
- Rose IncenseRose Incense
- Hylnds - Spirit of the GlenHylnds - Spirit of the Glen
- Baraonda (Extrait de Parfum)Baraonda (Extrait de Parfum) (might be too strong)

A few that a smoker apparently wore himself and considered a good match:
- Hermessence Vétiver TonkaHermessence Vétiver Tonka
- Comme des Garçons 2 ManComme des Garçons 2 Man
- New HaarlemNew Haarlem

Notes that would complement the smell of smoke instead of enhancing it: warm and balsamic, and leather.

I had a teacher who loved his vanilla pipe tobacco which would reveal his whereabouts metres away. The heavy smell was 1:1 with Secrets d'Essences - Vanille NoireSecrets d'Essences - Vanille Noire (discontinued) which also had a dry, leathery facet. It seems to have been popular, but I found it too strong. The combination vanilla-tobacco could be tricky indeed.

(Btw, I moved this topic to the consultation category as it seemed to be more appropriate)

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Dan81Dan81 29.05.2020, 19:52
Hi Exciter76,
Thanks for your input! I have never tried CherguiChergui and I will have to try anything that is mindblowing.
I have smelled Drakkar Noir decades ago, I can't remember where but I will definitely have to check it out again. I like how you wrote "DN smells almost incomplete without cigarette smoke", if I can find a scent that I feel that way it would be great. Thanks again!
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Dan81Dan81 29.05.2020, 20:15
Hi Anessa,
Thank you for your search! I have not heard of more than half of perfumes you listed so I'm going to be busy.
I must say the non-tobacco scents that you suggested they could harmonise well, especially Hylnds-spirit of the Glen sounds like it's a serious single malt whiskey (by Glenlivet!) that I can only imagine it would go amazing. I'm also interested in the Ryder, Tonka Impériale, Comme des Garçons 2 Man and re-visit New Haarlem. Well frankly all the other stuff you wrote down too!

As for notes that would complement the smell of smoke instead of enhancing it: warm and balsamic, and leather. Here, the leather is the only thing I am a little uncertain. Leather matches so nice with boosy smell so in that sense I do think it'd harmonize nicely, but as a cigarette smoker the WORST smell that we create is the cigarette smell in leather car seats/leather gloves etc. So I think I've unconsciously avoided trying leather with cigarettes

The combination of vanilla-tobacco could be tricky indeed. I love Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille but it is so contrasting that it creates polarizing response (my wife does not care for it). Mixing my vanilla scents (my go to is Absolute aphrodisiac) with cigarettes by itself is a far cry. PDM Herod does come close to what I want but it feels metallic to my nose and I feel there is something else out there...well it might be here in this list!
Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it!!

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AlbertooLAlbertooL 05.07.2020, 10:15
+1 Jeke

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