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20yo looking for a signature scent!
20yo looking for a signature scent! 12 days ago

Hello everyone,

I am new to parfumo and I hope to get some help from you guys! I am recently wanting to switch up the perfume I have been using -- don't get me wrong I still like that scent a lot but I feel like it suits me better in the summer and it's a bit too sweet for my age (college student, one year till graduation). However, I am overwhelmed by all the options because I don't know a lot about perfumes. Given it is COVID now, I also have very limited opportunities to go to the store and smell each scent in person. I am wondering if anyone can suggest some perfumes that check the boxes of what I am looking for!

Perfume I used before (since high school): A'PIEU My Handy Roll-On in Peach

Perfume I am looking for:

- better suits in fall and winter ( I live in Vancouver so the weather is cold and rainy)

- not too mature for a 20 yo (but not overly sweet as well because I look way younger than 20)

- contains notes of vanilla and caramel? (I don't like floral smells)

- gives a clean but warm and cozy feeling

- affordable but preferably not too common (I once saved up to get a Chloe roller but turns out a lot of my friends are using that...)

I actually have one in mind -- MAC Creme d'nude, and I went to the store to smell it recently. I smell nothing besides the alcohol in the first 10 minutes, but it smells good later when I got home. My mum said it does not suit me because it smells a bit dirty... if that makes sense? Creme d'nude checked all my boxes (vanilla and caramel are actually on the list because of this) but I am hesitating because impressions are a huge factor in determining if a perfume suits me!

Sorry for the long passage and I hope someone can help me out! Thank you in advance:)

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