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Scent Samples in the UK 10 months ago

Hi guys. Just a heads up on where to buy and not to buy scent samples in the UK. I have tested these sites out for a couple of years now and can vouch for their authenticity. There is also one to avoid like the plague, I learnt the hard way.

Notino - Deliver to the UK and have a large range of 2ml samples available.

Fragrance Samples UK - A genuine and friendly service, quality samples and genuine, free hand picked samples if you spend £30 or over.

Perfumista - Genuine and quality samples, arrives in a sealed pouch and glass atomiser. Points collected online to spend later on purchases.

Scentropy - Glass atomisers, quick delivery, genuine but with limited choice.


Scent Samples UK - Samples have been tampered with. They used to provide genuine quality but I don't know what has happened.

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