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Comme de garcons Wonderoud without batch code. 19 days ago 1

Good evening everyone!

I would like to buy a used perfume, a "Wonderoud" (Comme des Garcons) but I have noticed that there is no batch number on the flacon. The seller told me that it's not fake, and showed me other flacons of the same brand (different perfumes) that had batch codes printed on the bottles, but I would like to know if this kind of perfume has no batch code indeed. If there is not, I would get that it's a fake.

Thank you for your insights!

16 days ago 1

Who could be interested, to make fake perfume of this brand? 😊

It’s not expensive one, not really famous; the bottle is difficult to copy.

I don’t know, just logical thinking.

I do have a perfume without batch code.

Tiziana Terenzi “Adhil”

The perfumes without batch code are exist.

I have seen the batch code on the other bottles of Tiziana Terenzi
A small piece of paper, which is pasted on the bottle. Very easy to imitate.

All those bottles are from the good perfume shop.

I don't understand why everyone is so concerned with this question.

Not every perfume has this, and not every batch code is in database.


In you situation I would take contact with Comme des Garcons, & to ask, why this bottle is without a batch code.

15 days ago

I have six fragrances from CdG and all of them have a batch code – some have it on the bottle (2, 2: Man, Odeur 53, Odeur 71, Kyoto) and some have it on the stem (CdG). The easiest to spot is the one on the stem and for some, I had to look really hard to find it – it's tiny and etched on the glass.

11 days ago

I have find it

Batch code Adhil

Small letters (see foto)

I have made more foto; to show, how easy to make fake batch code by Tiziana Terenzi.

But who will do it? 😊

I think, by other perfumes is also not difficult? If someone could make fake bottle, can also make this small label?

about you fragrance, topic starter, I would make a deal with the seller, that he accept send back, if not goed.

Or maybe he can send you a sample? You can see, or it’s good one. Fake fragrances, you can easy smell, it’s fake.

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