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HELP with choosing notes percentage for mixture please:) 14 days ago

Sooooo I had a FAVORITE perfume and its been out of stock for yearsssss. It was sold at Maurices and was called Amazing Me, in a orange box. LOVE LOVE LOVED how it smelt. I've done some research into it and it lists the ingredients as BERGAMOT, PINK GRAPEFRUIT, MUSK AND AMERWOOD. I figured I would go to a website that mixes perfumes for you but the problem is I don't know the recommended percentages of each ingredient to mix them. Does anyone have any advise on what percentages I should choose with these listed ingredients so I can achieve a smell that's as close to the original as possible????

13 days ago

This one? Amazing MeAmazing Me

Having it mixed is difficult. The fragrances do not necessarily correspond to the ingredients. I'm afraid you'll have to test your way through the current scents to find something similar.

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