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New or fake ADG Profumo? 6 days ago
Can someone please help me out?
I just ordered ADG Profumo. My batch code is 38U700F. On it says the fragrance is 22 years old, which seems very unlikely. On it says the fragrance is from july 2021. I'm concerned I might have gotten a fake one, since the bottle design seems odd. Instead of reflective metal letters, the letters are matt grey. Also the tekst 'profumo' at the bottom is bigger than usual. Is this just a new design or is it most likely I've got a fake one?
In the picture the left is real and the right one is the "sketchy" one
5 days ago

Where did you order it from?

5 days ago

I ordered it from Notino. Already filled out a contactform and they insured it is a real batch. Got it at quite a discount so perhaps there was an issue with the production, hence the discount.

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