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Perfume Rookie Seeking Summer Fragrance

Perfume Rookie Seeking Summer Fragrance 13 days ago


I'm very new to the world of perfumes, having only recently purchased my first perfume, Coach Dreams Sunset. This fragrance brings me alot of joy, but I personally don't find it suitable for daily wear. I am moving to a new city, and would like to find a signature scent to help kick off this fresh start. Any recommendations for a lovely fresh scent I can wear all summer long? For context: I am a 22 year old woman. I prefer feminine scents, but I am open to something more androgynous/unisex.

What I'm trying to avoid: Powdery scents, overly sweet gourmands, a basic vanilla, fragrances that feel "beachy"

What I'm trying to evoke: Youthful but not childish, wears like a second skin, fresh/floral/aromatic, a sense of adventure (corny I know), possibly a slight spiciness?

I'm ready to take suggestions with an open mind, so don't hesitate to recommend anything niche or out there. In terms of budget, I'm willing to spend up to $100 on a bottle (birthday gift to myself), although any wallet friendly choices are welcome.

~ Loaf

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