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What are your blind buy regrets?

What are your blind buy regrets? 15 days ago
Thought this would be a fun discussion, admittingly most of my blind buy regrets where during the time I was buying fragrances in earnest and others where when it was started to become more of a passion project.

The ones I regret buying:
Hugo Boss Deep Red
Hugo Boss Orange
Hugo Boss Femme
Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli Acqua
Lancome O de Lancome
Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua
Chanel No 5
Jeanne Arthes Boum Sweet Lollipop
Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy

Which fragrances do you regret blind buying?
11 days ago 1

Pretty much all of those impulse buys. The more affordable, the more careless I get. Most of the time with disappointing result. Typically I wear them once and then find a way to get rid of them.

White Musk (Eau de Toilette)White Musk Eau de Toilette

Tea Rose (Eau de Toilette)Tea Rose Eau de Toilette

Quorum (Eau de Toilette)Quorum Eau de Toilette

Quorum Silver (Eau de Toilette)Quorum Silver Eau de Toilette

One Man Show (Eau de Toilette)One Man Show Eau de Toilette

Néroli IntenseNéroli Intense actually I decided to keep this one, but I never wear it

Grey Flannel (Eau de Toilette)Grey Flannel Eau de Toilette

Coriandre (Eau de Toilette)Coriandre Eau de Toilette

Tabac Original (Eau de Toilette)Tabac Original Eau de Toilette

Lapidus pour Homme (Eau de Toilette)Lapidus pour Homme Eau de Toilette

Private Collection (Eau de Parfum)Private Collection Eau de Parfum

Fresh SandalwoodFresh Sandalwood

Noble Palo SantoNoble Palo Santo

11 days ago 1

Shaghaf OudShaghaf Oud

it was too strong, I had to sell it.

11 days ago 1

For me it was Chopard - Casmir and Agent Provocateur - Fatale.

10 days ago 1

For me the worst was Dusita Fleur de Lalita. It was too vintage and heavy in white flowers for my taste.

8 days ago 1

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8 days ago 1

I have bought a few fragrances that contain OUD. I should have known better.

I live in Miami so it is always very hot here. OUD was not made for hot weather.

I just can't stand it.

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