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Looking for more lavender fragrances

Looking for more lavender fragrances 17 days ago
Mostly because I've found the note lavender has been very therapeutic for me this month and with Le Male Le Parfum in particular, and well the only others I have are Libre EDP, Libre Intense, Libre EDT, Le Male and Mon Guerlain Florale.

So based on the ones I have can you recommend me ones where the lavender is very much the strongest note and I'm fine with either feminine, masculine or unisex recommendations.
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Some ideas:

English Lavender / English Lavender WaterEnglish Lavender - old school and strong; all about the lavender

Pour Un Homme de Caron (Eau de Toilette)Pour Un Homme de Caron Eau de Toilette - also lavender-heavy; not so much a typical fresh scent with its amber and musk

Jersey (Eau de Parfum)Jersey Eau de Parfum - Chanel's idea of lavender

Beau de Jour (Eau de Parfum)Beau de Jour Eau de Parfum - barbershoppy

Jicky (Eau de Toilette)Jicky Eau de Toilette - with a civet kick

Mon Guerlain (Eau de Parfum)Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum - sugary sweet

Or if your're solely after the therapeutic effect of lavender, consider getting essential oil instead of perfume. You will get a single pure lavender scent.

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