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ScentedSalonScentedSalon 7 years ago
Honey Oud is Here
oud and thought the notes sounded wonderful. The notes include vanilla, honey, oud and labdanum. There are others listed but I do not smell anything else. Though the perfume is high quality, is it not terribly complex and reminds me a lot of my favorite Oajan. It has that same sweet and sticky honey note with wet spices but Oajan is much more cloying and wet. Honey Oud does... More
ChapeauClackChapeauClack 9 years ago
Perfume Likened to Second-Hand Smoking in China
hotels downtown, carrying Les Exclusives and Hermessence at prices nearly twice what they are in Europe. We have poorly stocked upmarket brand corners in several large department stores around town. The marketing strategy of choice there seems to be either - and I quote - "don't buy Shalimar, it stinks, buy *whatever pedestrian frag is all the rage... More
CoutureguruCoutureguru 10 years ago
An Invitation to all Parfumo members ...
following the various rants about reformulation, IFRA and the difficulty of getting a parcel containing perfume mailed. Persuant to these issues I have created a Facebook profile under my nick 'Couture Guru' and invite you all to add me there so that I can direct you to a new project called 'That Stinks' ... for which a page AND a (currently open)... More
HayvenHayven 10 years ago
The post office stinks.
so maybe it doesn't stink as bad as it is over in the EU and UK; but it's still pretty bad. The one near me opened late today (30 minutes late), and they just recently removed all the priority mail flate rate boxes from the kiosks. You now have to go up to the counter and ask for one, so they pretty much see what you're... More
13 - 16 by 16