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ParfumoParfumo 6 months ago
Royal Luxury and Environmental Awareness Combined in Penhaligon’s New “Highgrove Bouquet” Creation
elegant base of cedarwood and orris root. An essential part of the collaboration with the Prince Charles Foundation, in addition to capturing the fragrance diversity of the royal gardens, is the creation of a sustainable luxury product. In addition to recycled paper and eco-foam made from sugar cane...
PipettePipette 9 years ago
A walk through the forest
I was always looking for such a scent. "Enchanted Forest" by Vagabond Prince did not do it. "Incense Rose" by Tauer Perfumes - pine needles, great fresh air, roses, the great trees in the State of Maine, Arcadia Park - it came not even close. Enter "Chypre Palatin" by MDCI Paris Perfumes. Yes, that is near my feeling of a subforest thicket ... but a touch too civilized....