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<mark>Cologniac</mark>Cologniac 10 years ago
Creed Layering - More Than Just a Marketing Gimmick
If you've ever gotten into Creed enough to be invited to any Creed marketing events, or if you've met some of the more internationally known Creed representatives like Roberto and Luis, then you've heard about layering of Creeds.  Indeed, it sometimes seems as if Creed promotes layering as a way to sell multiple bottles, or perhaps as a kind of middle-class...
<mark>Cologniac</mark>Cologniac 11 years ago
Why Trust Matters
I have had several different trains of thought in mind for a while, but tonight something very interesting happened, while I happened to be sprucing up my nascent Parfumo account.  These thoughts converged in a tangible way.  Because I happen to be on Parfumo, that is where these thoughts will end up. I am delighted to see that Parfumo keeps a very tidy and timely database...