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Perfume Rookie Seeking Summer Fragrance

...How exciting! I think finding a perfume to celebrate your move is wonderful. Consider Bergamot, Jasmine & LabdanumBergamot, Jasmine & Labdanum (or anything, really) from Dame Perfumery Scottsdale. It's a superb indie/niche house that offers affordable high quality scents.
Exciter76Exciter76   20 days ago | Miscellaneous

Identification of perfumes

...I have no suggestions to offer but I send my condolences. May your mother's memory be a blessing.
Exciter76Exciter76   1 month ago | Miscellaneous

Do you keep backups?

...GrammyYes, I have backups for Mahora, Gourmand Coquin and Vanille de Tahiti.Omg, I wish I had a backup of Les Élixirs Charnels - Gourmand CoquinLes Élixirs Charnels - Gourmand Coquin! It's my favorite chocolate fragrance.

Coffee fragrance recommendations

...Noir ExquisNoir Exquis is my ultimate coffee in my collection.

Your favorite strawberry scents?

Kyse Perfumes & Ganache Parfums
...I must confess, I haven't tried Sérénade aux FraisesSérénade aux Fraises but I've yet to find a Kyse Perfume fragrance I didn't enjoy. A 60ml bottle will set you back $61, which, compared to Fraaagola SaalaaataFraaagola Saalaaata (100ml at $160), is a steal. There was something about Fraaagola SaalaaataFraaagola Saalaaata I found lackluster. Not bad, just not quite up to the hype. I'm going to throw out another suggestion that isn't available at this point in time. Cheat DayCheat Day is one of my favorite strawberries-and-more scents. It reminds me a lot of Rebelle (Eau de Parfum)Rebelle Eau de Parfum but with authentic ingredients (by the way, Rebelle (Eau de Parfum)Rebelle Eau de Parfum isn't a bad strawberry but I found it too artificial for my taste). Presently, it's not for available on Ganache's website but knowing Jarek, the perfumer, it will be at some point soon. He's rolled out some oldies-but-goodies already; the reintroduction of Cheat DayCheat Day is only a matter of time. The most expensive bottle is 100ml at $85. I think he sells the classics for remarkably less. Last but not least there's always Strawberry / Fraise (Eau de Toilette)Strawberry Eau de Toilette, a simple, affordable strawberry. I prefer wearing the body butter over the edt but it will do in a pinch.Best of luck in your search! Let us know what you find. :)

Recommendations Please

...Does it have to be $200? If so consider Santal Royal (Eau de Parfum)Santal Royal Eau de Parfum. Occasionally it will come up on the grey market for under $200. If you don't mind picking up something surprisingly affordable yet satisfyingly fun to wear year-round, check out Al Sharquiah (Perfume Oil)Al Sharquiah Perfume Oil. At worse it will set you back $8 (and I doubt you'll find it priced that high) but it smells way more niche than its price indicates. I love wearing Al Sharquiah (Perfume Oil)Al Sharquiah Perfume Oil in the summer, especially when partaking in outdoor activities (sports events, concerts, backyard BBQs, amusement parks, et cetera).
Exciter76Exciter76   2 months ago | Perfume Discussions

How often is castroeum used for liquid soaps?

...I have no idea and nothing to add but that's a great question. As someone who loves animalic scents, I'd love to know, too.
Exciter76Exciter76   3 months ago | Perfume Discussions

complimentition - notable unsolicited frag compliments 😃

...Honestly, I've either gotten standard, "You smell nice," compliments or people say nothing. I suppose the closest memorable comment/reaction I've gotten was when I wore Vanilla NoirVanilla Noir. A man in a nightclub followed me all night and kept calling me 'his Beyonce'. It was a weird experience but I'll attribute the weird behavior with alcohol and vanilla.
Exciter76Exciter76   5 months ago | Miscellaneous

What perfume have you bought recently?

...Honestly, I haven't purchased a perfume in a few years. I think I deserve a perfume shopping spree for my unintended no-buy! All that said, I did just receive Voile d'OcreVoile d'Ocre yesterday as part of a promotion. I really liked it and it was free with my makeup primer order. You can't beat free, right? :)
Exciter76Exciter76   7 months ago | Perfumes & Brands

What is your favorite vetiver fragrance?

Re: What is your favorite vetiver fragrance?
...Amir1990kkعطر يا ويل من رمساتPerfume Ya Will from Ramasat?Sorry, I had to run this through Google translate. I've never heard of it but I really love the horse themed bottle.

Doesn't have section for samples in the site?

...Thanks Kurai for jumping in and pointing to the souk. That is definitely a great place to start. Also, check out for niche samples. I think that's where you'll find what you are looking for.
Exciter76Exciter76   9 months ago | Miscellaneous

I used to HATE it, till I fell in LOVE with it

...I blindly bought a vintage bottle of Narcisse (Eau de Toilette)Narcisse Eau de Toilette years ago. I tried it and found it cloying. Oh, and I hated the drydown so much! I gave it to my mom, who tucked it away, never to be seen again. After she passed away the bottle came back to me. I remembered hating it so I tried to get rid of it but no one would have it. I tried it again and FELL IN LOVE. Shout-it-from-the-rooftops kind of love. I don't know what happened but I'm so smitten with it. It reminds me of one of my biggest loves, Organza (Eau de Parfum)Organza Eau de Parfum, though I can't put my finger on why this is so. I'm grateful no one would take it.I know I can't be the only one who's had this type of delayed experience. Has this happened to you? What scent was once a scrubber but is now a favorite? I'd love to know! Maybe I need to go back and try some other scents I once dismissed.
Exciter76Exciter76   9 months ago | Perfumes & Brands

Banana Note in Dolce & Gabbana Sicily

Ylang ylang reads as banana?
...Off topic (sort of) but I have a few ylang ylang perfumes and they smell banana-ish to my nose. Fleurs des CaraïbesFleurs des Caraïbes is a banana-like tropical scent, akin to banana flavored Now and Later chews. I wonder if that's what's giving Songes (Eau de Toilette)Songes Eau de Toilette its banana impression?

Recommendations for common ground

...The first scent that came to mind was G I R L by Pharrell WilliamsG I R L by Pharrell Williams, a woody sweet-ish vetiver and violet unisex scent with an intriguingly odd bottle.I went to see your wardrobe and noticed it's empty. When you have a chance fill in your wardrobe so other members can better suggest scents for you. And also, I'm nosey and I'd love to see what you enjoy! 🙂
Exciter76Exciter76   9 months ago | Perfumes & Brands

The New Basenotes website

...That's quite an upgrade. It looks really nice but it'll take some getting used to it. I have an account but i rarely check it so I'll probably never fully used to it.
Exciter76Exciter76   10 months ago | Miscellaneous

Want to join a focus group - or not? Just keep on posting

...Interesting! Thanks for sharing that. AI coming up with what it thinks consumers want? Yikes!
Exciter76Exciter76   12 months ago | Perfume Recommendations

Purely oranges

...I had one, Mandarin Jasmine #994Mandarin Jasmine #994 that was pure oranges... and jasmine. However, it's not musky but rather a straightforward oranges/jasmine scent. But you have to like jasmine. Right now, Aqua Allegoria Nerolia BiancaAqua Allegoria Nerolia Bianca is satisfying that "pure oranges" craving for me. I don't detect musk but it is the entire orange tree in a bottle.
Exciter76Exciter76   12 months ago | Perfume Recommendations

high end fragrance

...Wow, that's a generous budget! There are so many great niche and designer brands; it would be hard to narrow it down to a few brands. I'd recommend you invest in several samples first, then decide from that point onward. The Scent Bar ( would be my first stop. I love Guerlain, (some) Tom Ford, Chanel, Tauer Perfumes, Serge Lutens, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Diptyque and so many more.
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