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<mark>Tar</mark>Tar   18.10.2016 | Perfumes & Brands

The best Keiko Mecheri?

...Peau de Peche - happy, clean.Datura Blanche - powdery, almond, coconut, so it is sweet and also happy (so far the best Keiko Mecheri for me)Attar de Roses - cola + tea rose, a very weird and pleasant mixture.I would say, they are worth to try. In my opinion Keiko Mecheri's creatures are usually happy and nice fragrances :-)
<mark>Tar</mark>Tar   09.09.2016 | Miscellaneous

Decant vs. Sample

...I do not know, I was also wondering. I think, 0,1-2 ml must be sample, decant can be something around-above 5 ml...

Sniff Fest - Gardenias

...CreedFleurs de GardeniaPenhaligon'sGardeniaPuredistanceOpardu (after a few hours)Les Parfums de RosineRose d'ÉtéAvonRare Diamonds (light, cold flowers)Histoires de ParfumsVert Pivoine (fresh, cold, young, with pale flowers)Ramon MonegalCotton Musk (milk + flowers)Torre de TuscanyCorpi Caldi (shower gel + flowers)YOSHWhiteflowers oil (so sad base, so joyless, sober base..., still wonderful fragrance)
<mark>Tar</mark>Tar   24.12.2015 | Perfume Recommendations

Let's talk musk - any suggestions?

...Khal Drogo as Black Afgano? :D that is great!I dislike musk. It is somehow boring to my nose, I feel it in the base of almost every cheap perfumes. But there are some exceptions. The best musk ever in my opinion is "Cherry Musk". Wonderful, fruitty, smooth, clear. The second is Musk by Etro in my opinion (with the wonderful gaiac), rather unisex.Lately I tested a very interesting metallic-salty musk, "Salvia Sclarea" (Tom Daxon).
<mark>Tar</mark>Tar   24.12.2015 | Perfume Recommendations

which of the 3 powder fragrances is the best?

...Dear Anastasiou Anastasia, I would go for Teint de Neige. Drole de Rose is not so powdery.
<mark>Tar</mark>Tar   04.12.2015 | Miscellaneous

Perfumes that remind you of Christmas

Re: Perfumes that remind you of Christmas
...Dears,"Noel au Balcon""Herod"are the best scents for me, if I want to get the feeling.Anima Dulcis can be also an interesting choice, but it is rather animal indeed.

Weekly Scent Discussion# 23: Lavender. Oh, How I love thee

...DorothyGrace, if you have got so many things around you containing Lavender, it is completely reasonable to do not search this note in perfumes :-) I also have got a special bottle for bath, since nothing can do more for tired muscles than hot water with lavender and salt.
<mark>Tar</mark>Tar   30.10.2015 | Miscellaneous

Weekly Scent Discussion #18: Many or just a Few?

...Dears, my Friends sharing the same two dependencies (fragrances and music), I am so glad reading your comments. I would wote that it can be never enough.My wardrobe contains 60 bottles (kept in shoe boxes) and have/had more than 1000 samples (kept in small toolboxes - basicly maid for bolts). (Photo on my page, Gothic called them ammo boxes, and he is right. 2 are on the pictures, now I have already 5 full.)I do not leave the house without wearing at least 5-6 fragrances - so Ofter Worn menu could not help me - being too lazy to bother with marking the worn perfumes all the time. After getting home and taking shower I put on again 2-3 different scents. I wear oud if I do not want people sitting near to me on the bus, since it is unpopular in Hungary. Wearing woods or cold scents, while negotiating. Spices and citrus, if I have to work longer etc. Buying a new bottle depends on the needs. First I sample the interesting fragrances of course (or cry sitting in a dark edge if they are unavailable :oops: :D), and then one of them sticks in my mind. I can put on anything and everything, if it is not that one perfume, I will not be satisfied. Then waiting is the best, and if this urge fades away, then OK, if not, then I have to buy the bottle sooner or later.I realized, that the obsession is contagious. My colleagues and my little sister also started to feel something, searching for fragrance experiences and adventures and collecting samples...

Weekly Scent Discussion# 23: Lavender. Oh, How I love thee

...You have got interesting questions about an interesting note.Lavender is really serious and unsmiling fragrance in my opinion. In my mind it is strictly connected with monks, since in Hungary lavender is grown by monks in Tihany. They use it up in everything, in chocolate, in liqueur and soft drinks, in cakes, so after few days you get fed up.I appreciate this note in fragrances, giving weight, giving strongness for situations, when people try to not taking you seriously.My best lavender experiences:- A L'Extrait d'Argousier / With Sea Buckthorn Extract (ink, eraser, lavender, paper)- Guilty Pour Homme (lavender x lemon dance)- Hiroko Koshino (dark, powdery, ceremonial)- Blenheim Bouquet (again with lemon + pepper).Other good fragrances in my opinion with lavender, but this note is not in centre:- Lothair- TsarIs it really impossible to get a really feminine perfume with lavender?
Love, the Key to Life - Love, the Key to Life
<mark>Tar</mark>Tar   26.07.2015 | Perfumes & Brands

"Love, the Key to Life" perfume

...I tested this perfume, and it was good, but really differs by skin type. White flowers and clean citrus vs. honey and orange blossom... Unfortunately I did not find it outstanding. I hope that you will enjoy it more!
<mark>Tar</mark>Tar   19.02.2015 | Perfume Recommendations

Suggestions: fragrances with berries for men?

...I would suggest - "Carthusia Uomo", aquatic berries- "Santiago Huckleberry" - that is an extreme blueberry, really awesome and special.
<mark>Tar</mark>Tar   09.02.2015 | Miscellaneous

What kind of fragrance wearer are you? (poll about fav.note)

...Woody, certainly woody without sandalwood :-) On the other hand, you could be the first to declare your scentpoint. :twisted:
<mark>Tar</mark>Tar   03.02.2015 | Perfumes & Brands

Ludovica Di Loreto

...This shop can be interesting for you in Hungary: :)
<mark>Tar</mark>Tar   02.02.2015 | Miscellaneous

Which fragrance is a Hype-king or Overhyped?

...ScentFan:Someone suggested it for my Jasmine Sniff Fest and I fell straight in love. She has a new one called bis I must try.Sounds quite interesting! Thank you for the tip.
<mark>Tar</mark>Tar   01.02.2015 | Miscellaneous

Which fragrance is a Hype-king or Overhyped?

...I do not know Rodin, what is this house like?Montale is indeed relatively cheap for those strong fragrances. :) How could I forget to mention Puredistance as over-hyped? You are sooo right, ScentFan!
<mark>Tar</mark>Tar   01.02.2015 | Miscellaneous

Which fragrance is a Hype-king or Overhyped?

...Cryptic:Tea Rose (Eau de Toilette) by The Perfumer's Worship.The best expression!!! LOL Really, they should just change their company name for this.
<mark>Tar</mark>Tar   29.01.2015 | Miscellaneous

Which fragrance is a Hype-king or Overhyped?

...Sleuth:@ Tar: And what is the ´hype-king' for you? A frag that deserves the hype?Thank you for the question. :roll: Thierry Mugler - because of Womanity :twisted: Profumum Roma, Atelier Cologne, Profumi del Forte as well. Parfum de Marly, Serge Lutens... But I should be kept more informed about the hyped brands, I am afraid, do not have enough info to tell something judicious. The house that can not get enough attention in my eyes is Fueguia 1833.Actually I think, Guerlain is overhyped too, but it is because I like only one fragrance of them. Annick Goutal, ELDO, Bond No. 9. indeed, even Byredo. How many enemies have I gained with these few words? Shoot me down, please :D
<mark>Tar</mark>Tar   29.01.2015 | Miscellaneous

Which fragrance is a Hype-king or Overhyped?

...Penhaligon's, it produces beautiful perfumes, but they get rotten within half year.
Geranium pour Monsieur - Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle
<mark>Tar</mark>Tar   20.01.2015 | Perfume Recommendations

Suggestions for a fragrance with geranium?

...Hmm, "10 Corso Como"? That is a perfume, what I can not catch, it slips away from my drafting skills :? I just call it Faceless Love.
<mark>Tar</mark>Tar   19.01.2015 | Perfume Recommendations

Suggestions for a patchouli-centric fragrance

...Maybe Patchouli by Durance en Provance? It is well balanced."Bois Naufragé" by Perfumerie Generale - with deep green shades.Private Collection: L'Eau Guerriere by Perfumerie Generale - patchouli + cloves, very spicy.Surprisingly L'orpheline (does not contain patchouli), a real goth fragrance, cool."Japon Noir" by Tom Ford - perfect blue/earthy.But if you really like the earthyness of patchouli, but do not like the... nasty side of it, I would suggest to try fragrances, where tonka bean is strong, or other notes remindful of tonka bean. Maybe "Dhajala" by Xerjoff?
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