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<mark>Sleuth</mark>Sleuth   04.12.2013 | Miscellaneous

Help! My Laundry Smells Like Oud!

Re: Help! My Laundry Smells Like Oud!
...Nice topic Apicius,Apicius:Laundry smelling like oud is no joke. Not only is oud conquering the perfume mass marked...I know the fragrances, but in my circle I rarely (if ever) smell someone wearing oud. How often do you encounter an oud wearer?But I suppose oud and laundery makes sense for those product developers who think "this is the new kind of warm musk" lolWhen I buy scented products I often pick them to try a new scent that I wouldn't try in a perfume. For fun and to expend my experience. But it's not at all the case that my whole day is perfumed. I love the scents of nature, they are the best.
<mark>Sleuth</mark>Sleuth   04.12.2013 | Miscellaneous

Which perfume will be your next buy ?

...What you're saying reminded me of the time I visited Denmark. All beer was more expensive there. It's just not fair for those poor people!Maybe you should buy more domestically made perfumes. P.S. I like the Australian sandalwood that Lush uses :)

Looking for Aldehydes

...In case you want to try some men's fragrances with aldehydes:- "Bvlgari pour Homme" is a rather musky frag with some aldehydes in the top- I've also heard good things about Givenchy "Insensé".Hard to find though...- Chanel "Allure Homme Sport" also has aldehydes. Though I'm not fond of it.Some aldehydes are also used in "weird" fragrances, such as:- "Comme des Garçons 2" (unisex)- And I've heard good things about Histoires de Parfums "Edition Rare - Petroleum" (unisex)

Suggest a warm oud/oriental/balsamic?

...Maybe someone who loves 2nd hand soaps? :DMore seriously, there are those shops with retro clothing. Wouldn't that be a good fit?

Suggest a warm oud/oriental/balsamic?

...Some people convert 1 room, or even 1/2 a room to an office or shop. If you do that at ground level and make it look 'professional', that would be fine.Or you could do it online and figure out a payment scheme that ensures trust for the person who sells to you, and that provides some insurances for you. Like not paying the full sum until you've tested the juice.

Suggest a warm oud/oriental/balsamic?

...L'Erbolario's "Dolcelisir" is very close to Ambre Narguile, a copy you might say. And it's rather nice."Idole de Lubin" is also on my wish list. Check that

Looking for beautiful Lilac!

...Has anyone tried Neil Morris "Flowers for Men - Lilac" ?
<mark>Sleuth</mark>Sleuth   26.11.2013 | Miscellaneous

Canvas & Concrete

<mark>Sleuth</mark>Sleuth   16.11.2013 | Miscellaneous

Favorite house ( Designer & Niche )

...Designer: HermèsNiche: Eldo
Mitsouko (Eau de Toilette) - Guerlain
<mark>Sleuth</mark>Sleuth   13.11.2013 | Perfumes & Brands

Decisions, decisions... this time it's about Mitsouko

...Gold: It's sooo tellling the man is named "Wasser" = water in German. "Watering down" fragrances is his task, although I think he's not guilty, the poor chap.Rolling On the Floor Laughing! :lol:

Suggestions similar to my favourite colognes?

...hiIf you like the sweet booziness of the lacoste, you might want to try "Meharees". It smells of sweet dates.Shouldn't cost more than €35And if you like the warm amber aspect in Intimately Beckham, you could try "Obsession for Men" It's an older scent, and it doesn't smell as 'full' as modern ambers, but it has good quality and lasts a long time. I can find a small bottle online for as little as €22I haven't tried Diesel Plus Plus, but some people say that it reminds them of "Sculpture Homme". That one smells very pleasant and has a good compliment factor. The first few hours it smells of orange blossom. Everybody seems to like it. After that you'll smell tonka bean which smells like a powdery mild vanilla. IMO a tad boring, but still very pleasant. Shouldn't cost more than €25If you aren't looking for performance, but just want to explore the world of fragrances... Try "Burberry London Men" (€28 small bottle)In my country online stores have the best deals. Also drugstores.Good luck!

Teenage boys - fragrance recommendations

...Lol, your family gets quite a lot of free samples :D
<mark>Sleuth</mark>Sleuth   02.11.2013 | Miscellaneous

Good-smelling cheapies are hard to find

...I applaud this thread. Normally cheapies get too little love on parfumo because most people here are niche fans.Thanks for all the great suggestions in this thread!
<mark>Sleuth</mark>Sleuth   02.11.2013 | Perfumes & Brands


...Wow! :lol:

Teenage boys - fragrance recommendations

...A very interesting read, Triffid :D I'm glad that everyone has found something to his/her liking."Encre Noire" is quite a bold fragrance to put on at age 19, good for him! I've only smelled the new D&G pour Homme, it isn't very complex but it is rather good. One girl on YouTube did a side by side comparison and she said that the old one is better but that there's not enough of a difference to go through the trouble of finding the old one.triffid:"Equipage". 'Baby wipes' and 'soapy'
<mark>Sleuth</mark>Sleuth   27.10.2013 | Miscellaneous

What Scents Have You Pulled Out For Fall's Cooler Weather?

...Good idea. If you don't know what to wear, spray on something that you don't wear often.I've been wanting to try out Hiris. How fresh and/or interesting is its dry down?
Emporio Armani...lui/il/he/él/男... - Giorgio Armani

Looking for replacement for Emporio Armani He

...Well, I worked through that list of suggestions. And none of the suggested scents are similar to "Emporio Armani He". One of the suggestions, Vertical Limit by Vivian Vendelle, is totally obscure and unfindable.So...I'm still looking for a Moss+Sandalwood BEAST! Suggestions are still welcome!
<mark>Sleuth</mark>Sleuth   24.10.2013 | Miscellaneous

Mainstream Unisex Perfumes Having Niche Perfume Complexity

...Gucci pour homme II is worth sniffingL'Erbolario Méharées is not very complex, but it is rather good.
<mark>Sleuth</mark>Sleuth   24.10.2013 | Miscellaneous

What Scents Have You Pulled Out For Fall's Cooler Weather?

...I have nothing to 'rotate', but I look forward to trying these ones:Armani Privé Ambre SoieJuliette has a Gun Lady VengeanceComme des Garçons SequoiaComments are welcome!

Teenage boys - fragrance recommendations

...Triffid:The boys are sick of it alreadyBe careful eh, don't make them hate perfume :)Yes I noticed that Sheldrake made it. Boss Bottled was done by Annick Menardo, but I guess you know that already!Your description of Quasar, above, is quite informative. You could copy/paste it as a review.I would love to hear the full report.
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