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Wow, so beautiful - ZEN flacon design

...So cool! I love the stones. Thank you for sharing!
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Weekly scent Discussion #7: Which Nose creates for you?

...For me, some of the Noses that resonate are: Michael Boadi, Maurice Roucel, Calice Becker, Frank Voelkl and Christopher Sheldrake.
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Venturing into niche/artisan perfumes

Another Niche Girl, Here!
...I just spent the afternoon browsing at my favorite Niche Shop- I can whole heartedly recommend Illuminum, Santa Maria Novella, Serge Lutens, Byredo and Ava Luxe brands. They are all intriguing and unique. Enjoy!

Weekly Scent Discussion #3: Classifying Orange Blossom

...According to what I can ascertain, petigrain is typically extracted from the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange plant, while neroli generally refers to a steam distillation extract from the blossoms themselves. I'm guessing the some use the term 'orange blossom' to refer to a less concentrated extract of neroli produced by the method of enfleurage where the essence of the blossom is placed in an odorless fat based carrier oil/fat and the essence is allowed to transfer by diffusion. I'm no expert though...

Summery jasmines?

...L'Artisan offers the airy sparkly "La Chasse Aux Papillons" which is highly circulated for a niche brand and then Serge Lutens' "A La Nuit" knocks-'em out cold with "Moroccan, Indian and Egyptian jasmine" together in a composition with green notes, honey - they dance on the skin like magical nymphs in a Mid-Summer Night's Dream. Another one for the purest is "Rodin" - simple solid, pricey - three note song. Not unlike Tom Ford's "Jasmin Rouge"... I practically had to show ID to test it at the counter...not all that...jasmine water in gorgeous red glass. I just tried "Nuda" again, and I thought...good but not worth it for what it is- which is not very unique sort like Jasmine oil from the natural foods store in an bottle with a funky cap. Wow, there are quite a few others that I can't recall at the moment.

Weekly Scent Discussion #3: Classifying Orange Blossom

...Personally, I think of Neroli as allowed to be more astringent, bitter and bracing- my flagship fragrance for this is Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino, which in spite of its notably low sillage is one of my 3 must have fragrances of all times for Summer- energy and cooling freshness in a bottle. I have Atelier's Neroli- but now I find the petigrain is too pungent and the whole composition grates on my nerves. Orange Blossom fragrances can range from too sweet when married with sugary vanilla notes to light as air Spring breezes. I found APOM to be too much woody and sweet base notes for me- sadly after I went for the full bottle- and I adore Henri Bendel's Orange Blossom- easy, light and pretty version. Jo Malone also does this flower justice. Always love to try new orange blossom and Neroli scents!
Cashmere Mist (Eau de Toilette) - DKNY / Donna Karan
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Oldies but Goodies - Cashmere Mist

...Another scent which I find very similar to Cashmere Mist is "Artemisia (Eau de Parfum)" by Penhaligon's. Nectarine in the top notes, Violet, Jasmine and Lily-of-the-Valley in the middle and and Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Amber in the base. It has the same 'romantic' soft fuzzy feel, like a sheer peach chiffon dress in the summer warmth. Will there be another iconic scent like Cashmere mist created in the next decade? Tough to predict, but I certainly hope so! Great topic!
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D.S. & Durga - Sniff Fest

...Thank you! Great comments, I have been so curious about this whole line for months now!
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Which perfume will be your next buy ?

...From my last round of fragrance buying which was last Fall- time flies- I am managing to go 6 months until my next full bottle purchase & hopefully higher paying job! I went with Child (blind buy). It was just o.k. not worth all the hype, IMHO. Next round coming up in Spring here in a month or so I will dedicate to a Camellia or Orris root dominant Fragrance. Narrowed it down to One (I swear!) of the following:Camellia: Aroma M Camellia Perfume or Joya Composition No.1Orris Root: Not sure yet, more sampling is required!

I want something that smells heavenly, mild & sweet.

...1. Muschio- Santa Maria Novella (Powdery, gentle)2. Musc Bleu- IL Profvmo- (Ylang, clean musk, geranium)3. Lann- Ael- Lostmarch (Milk, vanilla, buckwheat cereal, baked apple)4. Perfect Veil- Sarah Horowitz5. Cashmere Mist- Donna Karan
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Were you ever just a second too late for a bargain?

...Sleuth:Oh, that sucks :( I looked around for it a bit, but you're right it's really difficult to find.Maybe it's an idea to look at the Parfumo souk often, to see if it's offered as a 2nd hand bottle. It surprises me how many new bottles are added there every day.Actually some nice person had an extra full bottle to sell & contacted me and then there is the problem with the US Postal Service rules on liquids...That is a whole other topic!
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Were you ever just a second too late for a bargain?

...I saw someone post that Penhaligon's Lily and Spice was being discontinued was available for 2 weeks only and was totally reasonably priced at 25% off normal while supplies last- totally ignored this announcement- wore my sample to a trade show...Security guards were flirting with me, ladies and gents were saying I smelled so I can't find anything like it. Argghhhh!
№ 06 - Incense Rosé - Tauer Perfumes

Rose and Incense

...Jo Malone's "Rosewater and Vanilla" (but it's also very sweet to me right now)Lubin's "L'eau Inedite"- I get rose amid nuts and woods
Quatre (Eau de Parfum) - Boucheron
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2015 Releases

...I have access to Si- tried it yesterday, not ready to comment was overwhelming. Will soldier on and get a sample to share with group soon!
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If you could have only one ..

...Great sends our imaginations on a wonderful adventure! I would have to go with Penhaligon's Lily & Spice.
Geranium pour Monsieur - Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle

Suggestions for a fragrance with geranium?

...The one that comes to mind immediately is Diptyque's "Geranium Odorata". I have smelled this- it is a little peppery, IMHO. It has a big dose of bergamot in the mix. They other is Penhaligon's "English Fern". Which is on my FB wishlist, it is so green and delightful!

Asafoetida in Perfumery. Discuss?

...Premier Figuier by L'Artisan also contains a good dose of asafoetida, apparently. Although, I would hardly called Premier Figuier "stinky" or unpleasant. I too have encountered asafetida in the culinary setting, when a dear friend of mind decided to make me a grand birthday feast of traditional cuisine from her home region of Madras, she purchased this pungent talisman and added 1/8 tsp. directly to my new rice steamer. New rice steamer in the garbage by the end of the evening...somethings, one just can't un-smell. I was surprised to learn that the beautiful and discontinued Tendre Poison by Dior contains Asafoetida, as well!
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What is your "Holy Grail" of perfume?

Following this topic with Keen Interest!
...Honestly, I have been 'down the rabbit hole' so many times...chasing a dream...followed by capture and release, disappointment...I can't even set my sights on another "Precious" so many to try and "still haven't found what I am looking for". Those that have come close as in if I had I would wear daily and adore- Malle/ Ropion's "Carnal Flower", Peau de Peche by Keiko Mecheri, Revelation by CB I hate Perfume...


...You read my mind! I was just thinking about "Daim Blonde" by Serge Lutens and "Mihime" by Keiko Mecheri and trying to mentally grasp the common note of Hawthorn in both of these so I began to research other fragrances to try in this group and "Beige" by Chanel is recommended.
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Laura Ashley No 1 (2012)

...Tinctureall:I haven't tried the new one but remember loving the original. Have you got the old to do a side by side?Hi Tinctureall, So true, the original was excellent and I haven't found anything even similar. Unfortunately I don't have the original. It's gotten very difficult to find from trusted sources. It was so popular in the early 90s that I didn't even stock up because everyone else was wearing it and I was into having a unique signature scent- so I chose something else- Paco Rabanne "Calandre", as I recall (fool that I am! I wasn't yet collecting fragrances.) I guess I could invest in a sample from one of the purveyors of out-of-production scents. I see the notes for the newer version are not even close to those for the original, so I am wondering if it is even worth it. It says on the website "a modern interpretation of the classic" so that is fairly vague. Notes on the 2012 version say "cassis, victorian plum, violet leaves, marshmallow and green water stem." versus the original which was "peach, bergamot, orange blossom, gardenia, galbanum, narcissus, rose, jasmine, carnation, cinnamon, basil, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, cyclamen and oakmoss"...hmmm. What do you think?
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