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<mark>WolfM</mark>WolfM   12.10.2013 | Parfumo Research

Welcome to Parfumo Research!

...How long after i reach the limit of 10 proposals, I can add new ones?Danke!
<mark>WolfM</mark>WolfM   04.10.2013 | Perfume Recommendations

Teenage boys - fragrance recommendations

...:) I do not have the necessary experience to allow myself to give advice, so - just a few ideas, things that I have been on the radar lately.Apicius is right that this is a challenge, because in most cases, geared towards this age group frags are just in the list of unwanted here.For young people, but not sweet, not floral, not citrusy... hmm.I was thinking of:Gucci Pour Homme IIBlv Notte pour Homme by BvlgariHe Wood Rocky Mountain Woodmaybe Encre Noire (not exactly youth, but quite teenagers fall for the ''dark side''),eventually A * Men Pure Shot (here I am a little reserved)and... Jacomo de Jacomo by Jacomo - does not fit exactly, but I loved to wear it since my youth, so ...edit/And one more thing - they are not expensive, given the frequently changing tastes of teenagers - can be easily left behind.
G-man (Eau de Cologne) - Gainsboro / Gainsborough
<mark>WolfM</mark>WolfM   04.10.2013 | Miscellaneous

Less likely to buy discontinued fragrances?

...Dlane1953:(I think I like Cryptic's point; alcohol kills germs.)Does not kill them, just keep them drunk :D (and young).Only the weak and allergic dying :lol: I'm not squeamish and not afraid of dirt... generally.But used splash bottle, even if it is the most precious frag - I would not use on my body; (perhaps only on fingers / hands, that are already "dirty" because of the environment).
<mark>WolfM</mark>WolfM   14.09.2013 | Miscellaneous

Which Fragrance Evokes the Most Memories for You and Why?

...For me, this is "Jacomo de Jacomo" - perfume, which is my ''Stargate'', opening the way to those experiences... thrilling, exciting, and dreamy... when the world was young, everything is possible, and is bright, infinite the time ahead of us. Because of this (but only one of reasons) this perfume is so exciting and yet so alive to me.
<mark>WolfM</mark>WolfM   24.08.2013 | Miscellaneous

Fugliest Bottles

...Cryptic:How dare they call this "jolie," lol.Zombie-Chat!
<mark>WolfM</mark>WolfM   21.08.2013 | Miscellaneous

I Must Have It!!

...:lol: ^
<mark>WolfM</mark>WolfM   20.08.2013 | Miscellaneous

eBay's picture requirements

...The tendency is that kind of people to decline. This is partly due to the strict policy of ebay to protect the interests of both sides (with precedence to the buyer) in an effort to become a safer place to shopping. This, of course, doesn't mean we should be stupid buyers and approach without attention - intelligently choosing from whom to buy.Ratings for approved sellers is extremely important to them - they endeavor to avoid any buyer dissatisfaction and possibly negative vote. My friends have had many cases where when a defective product, even obviously not the fault of the seller - have done everything possible (rebate, refund, send a new product entirely free, etc.) - to keep the customer satisfied. Such a thing is not always found in major companies and I would even say - on the contrary (maybe even just because of contact on a personal level?).By the way - to not understand me wrong - I've never sold anything.I bought several times quite expensive things and it's been smooth from beginning to end. At the same time, I had difficulty in communicating with companies. By the way I'm the same - once disappointed me - not to repeat if they will be the last traders of the world.
<mark>WolfM</mark>WolfM   31.07.2013 | Miscellaneous

Fugliest Bottles

...:D Thank you! I will keep it in mind if strange associations attack me ever
<mark>WolfM</mark>WolfM   31.07.2013 | Miscellaneous

Fugliest Bottles

...:D Looks that way only on the pictures in this perspective :D In fact it is ribbed, and form it as more like architectural. Indeed, this note is there - not exactly gunpowder smoke (as I wish) but a nice smoke and attend to the end.Any physiological odors are not detected :D
<mark>WolfM</mark>WolfM   30.07.2013 | Miscellaneous

Fugliest Bottles

Re: So funny this topic!
...FloraMilena:These are hideous:Francesco Smalto FULL CHOKEHere I will oppose (not because it is a spectacular perfume whose vindication is a utmost importance, just so - the chat to go) :)Most feedback about this bottle is based on images, but photography belies and gives wrong idea... and associations that do not even actually want to guess with what...In fact, the bottle is a massive, nice-ribbed and copies as a form ancient gunpowder pouch;not very comfortable to hold, but still interesting and unconventional
<mark>WolfM</mark>WolfM   11.07.2013 | Miscellaneous

Article: Preference for Perfume Correlates w/Genotype

...IF we were surrounded only by good-smelling-things... and humans - would be great.In reality, I think it will be a the way - my dogs very well accepted the scents of my perfumes. They approve my choice, or just magnanimously forgive me !? :)
<mark>WolfM</mark>WolfM   28.05.2013 | Perfume Discussions

How to remove perfume?

...Cryptic:Guys, I use mineral oil and it works like a charm. :shock: :shock: ?!? :P .............................................Cincy:Do you think baking soda would work?Agree, I think this will work. But shouldn't rub because soda is abrasive! and will damage the skin. It would be better to make a thick paste of baking soda and warm water, roughly equal parts; apply gently and leave a few minutes baking soda on your skin and rinse with lukewarm water. I think also for toothpaste... used in the same way.Other method that I know is with vinegar and olive oil. You need to make a mixture of equal parts vinegar and olive oil. Wipe the skin with the mixture, wait 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water and wash with mild soap.
<mark>WolfM</mark>WolfM   22.04.2013 | Perfume Discussions

Decanting techniques

...I think I can offer adequate alternative method that may be in handy for someone. Many aerosol sprays are available with the so-called directional tube (usually technical sprays - contact cleaners, fine lubricants, etc.) Something like this:Can be found in any hardware store, or car care, auto parts store etc...Easy to use, simply replace with a new sprayer. Now, there's a catch - size of the output tubes are not standardized and may vary among manufacturers - 3 or 4 may be (I tried what fits in my bottles, of course, before offering it as a working, and this which I have - fits perfectly on around the 1/3 of my miserable collection). The good news is that aerosols also have different sizes and can be found thay you need.I hope for someone, it is useful. :) Have aromatic day!
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